New Alliance – Be in the team of founders

Dear pilots,

Let me explain what we are planning to do in the next months/years. The idea is pretty simple and often discussed in Eve.

“We will build up a new alliance from the scratch”

Why I am posting here? Why not just starting to build it up? The answer is as simple as the idea. I am not able to do that on my own. On top of that I do not want to.

Before anything is started I am looking for people who has a similar wish and want to be part of something new and maybe big at the end. Don´t get me wrong I do not want you to join a corp with your main chars and loose some of your content that makes Eve so fun to play.
At the beginning I just need you. Your social skills to be honest.
Precisely, I am looking for 5-10 players to share the work between us.

I do not care wether you are a young, old, newbro, bittervet, casual, hardcore eve player or whatever may exist out there. I do not care about your eve or private background.
I do care about what person you are. The first one and me has to match for obvious reasons. From there on we decide all together. Also who will be the next member in the team of founders.When finished the team we start founding together. Simple as that. It´s all open so you should be too.

Who am I?
Lets make it short:
Age 37
Wife yes
Children yes
Work yes

Fly safe


Do you have a corp you are working with? If you want to work with our diplos we are recruiting ppl to join us. I can put you with our diplos.


Hey , no thank you.

I am in a working corp/ally with my Mains.

Just trying to start sth.

Best regards

Still searching for people.

Hey Lunder,

Name: ACP2000
Work: yes
Age: 29
Status: Newbie Alpha

Just started flying and wishing to join a fun and entertaining corp, i may not know much but am willing to put my part in helping out. If you would have me, hit me up and we can talk.


What type of alliance? what tz? what do you need so far?

hit me with an ingame mail with a few more details please :slight_smile:

Age 39
Wife no will i have to get one?
Children no
Work no


as stated. There is no existing alliance and or corp. We will do it together.
We do not have members or diplos. We start from the scratch.
TZ: all
Type: We decide together, At mom i think it will develop. Starting from the ground means first getting infrastructure and organisation. Not to forget members. At mom i am searching for the founders.Not for ordinary members.

ive created a discord server to talk about
ID = Lunder#7883


Tried to get on the discord but that was a no go. Add me elitefox#8446

uhm… mail me ingame dude but it really would help if you had at least an inkling of what you think you will be doing, i dont want to waste my time with folks that are gonna go pure indy hs for example.

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