New app Eve Market Watcher for market enthusiasts

o7 pilots!

Over a decade ago at 18, I dived into EVE Online, captivated by its market dynamics. I got hooked on earning ISK, dropping my computer science studies for the game. Eventually, I faced a choice: EVE or my studies. I chose to learn programming, creating my first, albeit crude, EVE app.

Now, a decade later, EVE indirectly shaped my career in software development. Reflecting on this journey, I’ve rebuilt that initial app – now with superior design and functionality that I wished for back in the days!

Upcoming features:

  • Choose search item through grouped item catalog
  • List own orders by character
  • List own history by character

Eve Market Watcher v1

Give it a try! If the demand is high enough, I’ll spend the 100$ yearly fee to release it for iOS aswell.

Suggestions and feedback are very appreciated!

Thanks for the companionship EVE!


@Aphex_Felon hi there. I just picked up on this app via the plug that you got via ( Community Beat for 2 February … well done on that by the way … )

Wow! It looks ( at least from the screenshots on the Google Play website ) really awesome, I’d definitely not use the word crude in any context here.

In terms of what you wrote about iOS availability …

It would really surprise me if this isn’t a successful app, assuming that it works well ( … and I doubt it would have got the Community Beat plug if it didn’t … ) I think it’ll see a lot of success.

As it happens I’m an iOS and Mac user so you can mark me down as an early adopter if and when it get’s released and if you need any help with iOS user testers, I’d be happy to volunteer.

Again, well done!