"New"bro looking for PVP / Wardec'ers / Merc 🔪 Corp


My name is… too long :scream: I know

I used to play EvE in 2009 if I can remember. I didn’t play for a while, forgot my first account creds. Maybe a friend of mine’s still playin it or have sold it. Dunno, its not a big deal.
Anyway ! I’ve created a new one, sexy fake terrorist name, bought a pack for $$ and here we go !
Fresh start as you can see, with Omega account because I really want to be invested into that toon.

After some talking my old friends still alive, they suggested me to post here.

What I want
My goal is to grow into a stable corporation, an active one. A familly, a community.
I want to kill things and have experienced bros with me to have fun with. When I’ll be online : it is to kill and participate :slight_smile: So roams, camp, whatever. I’d be glad to have content whenever I’m online.
I’m willing to follow class cause I might be rusty, be trained as a killer :hocho:, a machine. :gun: and I mean it.
Participate in fleet/gang, suicide gank myself. I don’t care !
Gather tears and loots from my targets who are not aware of the EvE’s rudeness (but always with respect), loosing my ship if I have to but not before I’ve deal maximum dps and burned all my mods :fire: And tbh, even when you lose a ship you learn something and thats all I want.

I have to feed my empty KB too :roll_eyes:

What I don’t want
:no_entry_sign: No “new” corporation, with 2 members that will die the next day.
:no_entry_sign: PVP Corporation with 2 active members, nearly empty KB, while the others are mining or ratting.
Actually I don’t want to have to create my own content. I’d better stay alone in that case. Same if I’m always told “you’re low sp, watch us noob”. Low SP doesn’t mean disabled.
I don’t want to be a member of nullsec only alliance : politic is not for me. I want content everywhere, not only defending my pocket, roaming in my blue sov systems or dropping dozens of supers to kill a venture. Its not what I call fun.

What I know
Got old memories of null roams, large fleets, drops. Roams and gatecamp in LS.
I just lack the new added things since I have stopped like Citadels, few changes on modules and ships etc. But I’m reading the changes of each new expansion.
I can follow basic FCs orders : align, focus primary, etc. I can use D-Scan. Probing changed, but seems to be ‘easier’ now. With some practice, it will be good too.

At the moment, while I’m looking for a Family/Empire, I’m only skilling :aura:Core Skills :aura: to have a solid base to work with (~3.4M SP). After that, I’ll be ready to follow any doctrine. I’m going to aim support ships then SB/Dictor - T3.
I plan to use injectors regularly in order to make up for all the lost time, and buying PLEX if needed for ISK is not a problem for me.

:nyanparrot::nyanparrot: What I’m looking for :nyanparrot::nyanparrot:
PVP - Advices - Experience - Content
Community - Respect - Professional Corp
Wardec’ers - Mercenaries - Bounty Hunters

34 years old, stable, respectful, family, work
I can speak/understand English
Discord / TS3 / Mumble / Whatever you need to communicate

I think I’ve covered everything. Advices are welcomed :wink:
See you soon

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