New Corp: Corp Awesome Recruiting

Corp Awesome is a completely new null focused corporation that supports a positive culture and enjoyable gaming experience for it’s members.

Currently based out of npc null/low sec, we have the ambition of taking null sov alongside friends who share our values:

  • Positive culture - We’re friendly and respectful on comms, in local and on the forums.
  • Here to have fun - We’re not interested in killboard stats or isk per hour.
  • Collaborative approach - We fight, rat and mine together as a fleet.
  • Diversity - We respect people who play the game differently to us (pvp vs. indy).
  • Supportive of new players - We recruit and train new players and alphas.

We are EU timezone based, and happy to recruit other timezones. Use of Discord is required just to listen; you don’t need a microphone.

Post any questions in this recruitment thread and put in an in-game application to join.


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Still recruiting!

Join now!

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