New Corp / Open Recruitment

Blackbox Inc is a new corp currently based in a relatively quite space in New Eden. I’m looking to team up with other small/micro corps or recruit members who are looking for a casual industrial / PvX corp. I’m hoping to build a well rounded team to engage in various gameplay activities.

The goal is to have weekly fleet ops, with free-play at your own pace during the week. Doors are open to newbro’s, as well as retired veterans looking pass the time and don’t mind sharing their knowledge.

So if you’re past the brand new phase but not trying to commit to a mega corp or alliance, look no further.

I’m offering -
Low tax manufacturing, research and invention
Planned reprocessing & refinery
Citadel with clean restrooms for your jump clones
Relatively quiet area with access to various activities, NPC null, low sec, secondary & major trade hubs.
Raw Materials & Salvage buyback program
IRL leadership & team building skills

I’m looking for -
USTZ-English Speaking
Interested in building a community

Planned activities: Industry & Trade, Exploration, Resource harvesting, Incursions/Invasion, Abyssal Sites.

Send me a mail in-game if you’d like to talk further.

Fly Safe o7.

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