New corp recruiting pilots

Cry thunder is a new corp looking for members willing too help the corp grow aswell as having fun doing so.
We are litterally a brand new corp but are looking too get out into nullsec too establish ourselves and start too grow a solid member base of pvp/indy players.
Short term goals are too get around 20-30 members and get ourselves out into nullsec and get our very own citadel set up.

if any one is intersted in joining say hi in Cry Thunder Public.

or mail me

Full api is required
Discord is Required also


I know starting a new corp is hard, so wanted to reach out with a couple of offers of help:

  1. If are are successful in forming your new corp and get a reasonable number of people to the point where you are ready to move to Null, please reach out and I can help you find a home.

  2. If you are unsuccessful and decide to throw in the CEO towel, I could use ambitious people who want to build something in my corp. I’m not saying you will do this, but if you do, the option is there.


Too the top!!

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