New effect on skillbook : consume


skillbooks can be consumed to grant a +1 to corresponding skill for a limited period of time (1h with bio 0 ?) .

This would allow to have a use in spare skillbooks, and also give players the possibility to increase their capacity ( ie boosters) while remaining in the “balanced” state of the game.

No player could go above what is possible for a all-V using this.


players have an “effective” level of skills. The “booster” effect of skill books applies +1 to this effective level.


The effective skill level is used instead of base skill level for damage (fight), times (industry), etc.
It is NOT used for unlocking skills/ships

  • you still need to have frigate V and evasive maneuvering V to learn intis
  • you still need to learn amarr frig V to sit in a vengeance.

However if a skill is injected(eg adv weap upg ), but not trainable(eg weap upg <4 ), and a skillbook is consumed (eg eg adv weap upg ) the effective skill level will be 1(in that case that will be translated as an effective adv weap upg I ).

Maxed skills

ATM consuming a skillbook for a skill level V should not do anything.

Maybe later some skills have an “overcharge” effect (typically the skills that have a positive infinite-stacking effect, eg +10% speed but not the -20% mwd radius or +10% webifier effect).

This is to be designed per-skil so require much more effort than just “nope” at the beginning. Also this could easily break the meta, so the danger/effort is very high.


The consumption effect should not be affected by alpha/omega state. Typically an alpha player can “temporally” learn a skill to get +1 in to what he should be limited (cap skills ? I heard alpha caps were cyka blyat)

Skillbook TII research

Maybe a research of skillbook into T2 sb that provides the effect for increased time.
The process should consume at least one skillbook. require drug manufacturing.

You want to allow people to skip the time needed to skill something? The “downside” would be that, assuming the player does not ever want to skill the skill manually, he would need to have a stack of skillbooks ready to consume when he needs the respective skill?

Dude please read my post.


So you can not even answer my question, even after I have read this mess you call post? I ask, because your post is a mess … dude. :roll_eyes:


yeah, sure, telling me my post is a mess without pointing out why and affirming things about me without explanation is an adult way to engage a discussion.

Whatever, I can’t find any constructive element in your post so I assume you just didn’t read my proposal.
I’m sure you have a very good reason to write what you wrote. I just can find several reasons to post it, all of which involve misunderstanding of my post. If you don’t want to engage effort into discussion, you are welcome to go insult people somewhere else.

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How does one research a skill book and why does a tech2 shield booster increase the time?

I do not follow.

However, I have an idea for cheat stix users - the book worm. If you use cheat stix, they come with a book worm which eat your skill books over time, so you lose all your cheat skills and need to train them again but this time you cannot use cheat stix.

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No, the undock button is a mess. Having temporary access to a particular skill level is unbelievably important in this game.


Not sure of OP’s timezone. Is this meant to be a late April Fool’s?

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Lets make this easy. Exactly why would we discard over a decade of gameplay to give temporary access to anything?

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I love how your post is literally dripping with sarcasm and people still take it serious. :joy:

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I mean implants exist and do this

my timezone is april 1st anyday.

Maybe my proposal is stupid. Please point out why.

Indeed. Some implants have same effect as some skills. I’m not sure if this is a matter ?

Take the medium hybrid turret skill for example. The skill gives +5% hybrid turret damage per level.
Now take a medium hybrid damage implant +5%. With the skill at level 5 and the implant, you would have the skill at level 6.

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well, no, the implant gives more than a level of skill.
level VI of skill means +5/125 = 4% from level V

But what’s your point exactly ?

the point is implants already let you push your skills past the bonus you currently have trained no need for this crap that can only cause balance problems in one way or another

how can this “crap” only cause balance problem ?

It seems you did not read my proposal actually. please keep your insults.

because it ain’t solving any

Is this forum children school ?

looks like you did not take time to understand my proposal and just wanted to rant and insult.

Give Alphas even temporary access to skills that they can’t normally have? Not only no, but f*** no…

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oh no i understood your proposal but the parts outside of just further bouncing a skill have already been taken care of those ideas are just dumb