New home wanted :)

72 million skill points. Located in high sec. Positive security. No kill rights.
NPC corp


“All CCP rules apply”.

48b, link character please

Please amend your post to be in accordance with all Character Bazaar rules. Thank you.

Sorry. o7

how can you bid for a\ toon and not even see the skill sheet

click the link?

he’s linked it, open your eyes…




I will pay your 40b. ready to go now

ok. ready

isk and account info sent

@Paradoxical_Core i offered you 48b if you scroll up to the top of the post and sent you mail in game. but i guess 40b sounds like a better deal.

make offer of 48 quick o7

sorry its too late, you should have checked your post, i don’t steal closed deals from others. :pray:


sold. ok???

I have already sent the isk and the account info for the transfer to your character in game. Please check mails and wallet