New Keepstar in Nullsec looks fantastic

While many have gone before me, I felt the desire to see with my own eyes the might of Test’s new Keepstar.

Sneakily, I flew a Stiletto past the likes of Horde and their gate camp bubbles through the deep space of Null sec where I reached my point of interest. Sat quietly in stealth enjoying my lunch while watching many ships dock and undock.

I got to see a Ragnarok wreck on the way back, though I didn’t stick around to inspect the wreckage other than a quick warp through the large bubbles and headed home.

*Reason for creating such thread is to explain that there are many ways of enjoying New Eden and sight seeing is one of the relaxing parts of Eve Online and to be out there close to the action is what makes the trip worth the time.

Frostpacker o7


Always nice to see the game played by so many.

The insane or the sane can both enjoy New Eden, which state of mind do you prefer to hang out on?

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Tourism is as valid a reason to be in space as anything; pilots don’t have to be on any ‘side’ to take a look at what nullsec is up to.


In a battle of wits i dual wield!

Butthurt much?

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