Journey of a Noob--New Eden sightseeing

Hi New Eden,Hi tranquility server!

Should I introduce myself at first?Of course!
I’v been played EVE in chinese server before for four years–as a spaceship producer.Maybe it’s the daily production that finally makes me feel boring,I began to find something new to make my ingame life more marvellous.So the thing witch I have found was sightseeing.
Will you take a look at the nebula around you?Will you feel the peace of this wonderful universe?I bet you won’t–at least in most times.
But since then,I began to keen on travel around New Eden–Untill I AFK.
A week ago,my CEO of corporation called me back to here–A brand-new universe to me.after I fulfilled his wish–to be a Nyx pilot.It’s time to let my journey continue.

But to be honest,obviously my English is not good,so this should be the only time that I written so much on this have my apologize.
I will first upload some of the previous pictures,then update my daily in New Eden.

Thank you
De Susl

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Nice pictures.

the Drifters battleship

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thanks (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

SYSTEM: New Eden
If that my memory is correct,here is the first stop for human beings to enter the New Eden


It just looks like there are two stars

It’s hard to match system names in two languages…
keep working!!

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