Eve Lore Tour

I am the Student Advocate for the Eve University… and with the assistance of Mark726 I have planned an extensive “Eve Lore and Sightseeing Tour” for the uni (and guests as this lecture and event is open to all). Mark726 has hosted this for us in the past but unfortunately due to real life he is unable to, despite that he has been tremendously genreous with his time and resources.

What I am looking for, is perhaps a few points to visit in new eden that the devs are particularly proud of… something for the tour to “take vacation snaps of” so to speak. OBVIOUSLY theres the eve gate and numerous others… but Mark726’s last outing was some time ago and all the info I have been able to source seems to be getting old. As my group will be large… and we will be streaming and recording the event I hope to make it both rewarding, and fun… but also maximize the “wow” for everyone.

On behalf of myself and Eve University,
Fly Safe
Jaha Preynar, Student Advocate
Eve University.


The Akat Mountains on Intaki V. Also, war zones like the Gallente/Caldari wars.


That’s Mark726’s website. It should give a large selection of sites you can check out.


To my knowledge much hasn’t changed in known space since the game was launched, so EVE Travel is still as valid as they day it was written. Really I think just few new additions have been made, like the Titanomachy site, and the wreck of Steve (first Titan kill) - and in the future, I think, the first wreck of a Palatine Keepstar (unless one has already been destroyed somewhere).

Anoikis (wormhole space) might have some interesting sites, but I don’t know if anyone has toured it extensively. I see though EVE Travel has some interesting sites mentioned from there, too.


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