What landmark locations would you love to see in New Eden?

Hello intrepid explorers and scholars of New Eden history! Today we would like to request your ideas and inspiration.

In 2021 the EVE living world events team is exploring the possibility of adding some new landmark locations to the game alongside some events that help introduce players to the world of New Eden and it’s numerous interesting places to visit. These sorts of landmarks can take all sorts of forms, and can be connected to EVE NPC lore, to player history, or just to background worldbuilding. Basically if it’s a location Mark726 might blog about, then it’s the sort of location we’re interested in adding and highlighting as part of this project.

We’re making our own internal list of ideas for the sorts of landmark locations that we might want to add to the game with brainstorming feedback from across the CCP teams, and we’d also like to ask for your help to add to the list. Is there a location mentioned in the lore that you would love to see represented as a location ingame? Is there a bit of player history connected to specific locations that you could imagine as the destination of future Eve University field trips? Is there a cool space location that would help flesh out the workings of New Eden and show players a perspective on the world they’ve never seen before?

Post your ideas in this thread, and we’ll combine the player community ideas with the CCP internal ones when we create the backlog of potential locations to add next year. Thanks!


Rarararararvos? Niarja?

Hmmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMMMMM. I said this on twitter already, but the one that IMMEDIATELY jumped out at me was I would love to see a battlefield in Atioth for the Battle of Vak’Atioth. I have wandered that system a few times hoping to dig up something there, but never have! I also have vague dreams of getting into some of the Jove systems some day but I realize that is probably outside the scope of this, lol.

Thanks for the shoutout, btw, I very much appreciate it. I will give this more thought over the next day or two and post some more ideas! Love that you guys are doing this, though, I am always up for more blog fodder :grin:


#INB4 Uriel! Yasssss!

Okay, I have a list. This post is a placeholder until I can get to my phone and edit it.

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what about the statue in front of CCP HQ? could that make its way into the game?

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A Shrike titan wreck in 46DP. Yes, it’s not the first titan to die, but it’s the first piloted titan to die.


Maybe it already has. :slight_smile:


ahahah I was going to say…

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must’ve slipped my mind on that one… sorry.

A monument to the promise that CCP would never sell skill points for real money


A memorial to the Valhalla titans of Operation Enho in YZ9.


From the top of my head and very Minmatar perspective:

  • A monument / pilgrimage site in Atioth for the battle of Vak’Atioth.
  • A monument to Defiants of the Bleak Lands in Auga (where Karishal Muritor died)
  • A Thukker caravan meeting site in the Great Wildlands (maybe even something about Project Skymother?)
  • The physical center of the cluster (in Molden Heath, iirc)
  • A memorial to lasting peace at the site of the battle of Colelie (there is now a player-owned structure memorial in Colelie)
  • A Ray of Matar statue somewhere for Karin Midular, the former prime minister of the Minmatar Republic and former chief of Sebiestor Tribe

EDIT: I see someone beat me to Atioth :slight_smile:

  • Thebeka Conflict Memorials
  • Floseswin Conflict Memorial
  • Sahtogas Memorial (from when it was the last Amarr system before they came back to get the whole warzone)
  • Make actual Ginnungagap visible from Konora like the description says.
  • Turn the captured transmuter in Arshat into a more elaborate monument.
  • SL-YBS Lost Thukker Caravan site!
  • Destroyed transports in Roushzar from when heir Jamyl ordered the kids killed.
  • Probably other things. Maybe I’ll reply again if stuff comes to mind

Ohw, I have a small list of suggestions that I might expand upon as things come to mind. I’ll try to get them in the right chronological order:

  • The battle of Vak’Atioth;
  • The site where M0o corp attacked a gala, resulting in the death and injury of many celebrities;
  • The location where Jirai “Fatal” Laitanen was podded and effectively removed from Gurista leadership;
  • The site where the FNS Molyneux was stolen succesfully and/or where the Nyx that the Serpentis stole was destroyed;
  • The site where Karishal Muritor was assassinated by Republic fleet;
  • The site where Republic fleet and Federation Navy clashed after the assassination of Karin Midular;
  • The first planet that suffered invasion and mass abductions by the Sansha Incursions;
  • The Drifter hive site where Hilen Tukoss died;

I’ll start off by AGGRESSIVELY seconding Mark’s suggestion for a monument for the Battle of Vak’Atioth - this battle between the Amarr and the Jove is a foundational bit of lore for the game, and would also be a perfect opportunity to add some ingame text and information about it - maybe as items given by proximity like in Arek’Jaalan site one, or in LCO descriptions.

Will be posting a number of suggestions, stand by~


I have a number of suggestions to add, mainly player fiction related. Give me a tick or five to compile them.

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The first thing that comes to mind for me is the wreck of Jamyl Sarum’s Avatar - while this wreck is technically already present, having a full site for the Seraph, complete with information on what happened there on 21 August YC117, would be an extremely satisfying and informative addition.

Such a site could be a monument built around the wreck of the Seraph, with some of the following suggestions:

— Changing from the currently generic “Amarr Titan Wreckage” item there to a unique LCO, properly named and given a description discussing Jamyl Sarum’s life and death.

— Adding a number of “archives” that would place items in an approaching ship’s cargo in close proximity, like in Site One, including some sort of souvenir item, as well as different logs that present information on the site, Jamyl Sarum, her life, her death, her return to life, her singlehanded destruction of the Elder Fleet (Empyrean Age). Give me some time and I’ll put down some actualized texts below:

image Icon of Empress Jamyl I
A small statue representing the late Empress Jamyl I. On 21 August YC117, a fleet of 100 Drifter Battleships interrupted the processions for a ceremony led by the Empress, entering the field in a single group and simultaneously loosing their powerful superweapons, ripping the Empress’s titan to shreds before destroying her escape capsule and immediately slipping away - having apparently completed their objective.

Empress Jamyl was a powerful and controversial figure in the Amarr Empire, having performed the ritual suicide of Shathol’Syn in YC105 at the conclusion of the Succession Trials before miraculously reappearing in YC110 to wipe out the invading Minmatar Elder Fleet, and ascending to the vacant throne soon afterward.

– An additional symbolic LCO Abaddon, to represent the precursor superweapon-fitted one she used to wipe out the Elder Fleet (as well as a blood raider fleet in T-IPZB. This could also instead be the TES Auctoritas, the imperial issue Abaddon whose production handover Jamyl was overseeing at the time of her death

– Some sort of information suggesting that the Society of Conscious Thought helped to fund and build the monument, as a subtle nod to Matshi Raish’s impression of the Empress in Inheritance.

– Something to state that her body was never recovered, (presumably) spirited away by some capsuleer during the event - or was it despawned manually by the event team, so no one could get it? This item would have been the catalyst for enormous developments in the Drifter story, and I’m profoundly disappointed that it’s never turned up.

– An extra thought: some form of information on the Drifters - and perhaps a tease about their truer intentions, theorizing and linking to Hilen Tukoss’s final fate.

More to come~


Ruins in both Poitot and Intaki of the stargates that used to connect the two systems.



–Eram V, Moon 2 - Eifyr & Co. Biotech Production, 30km off station
Dr. Hilen Tukoss was the developer-run character behind the Arek’Jaalan initiative, which saw countless players contributing to the development of EVE’s lore and helped to introduce many more people to the story in the first place.

This character disappeared at one point, and was thought to have simply been left behind by development until he was seen again in late 2014, when he began to post messages on the IGS - the first two messages are now known to have been from the Drifters, using him to trick capsuleers into gathering resources for them, but the latter two were from the Dr. himself. He had been captured by the Drifters somehow - he was podded near the Redoubt Hive, but the Drifters were able to intercept his clone transfer somehow and reel him in. He managed to escape, and was on his way to Site One in Eram - indeed reaching the system, before disappearing without a word and without a trace, for the final time. This has been the subject of conspiracy theories. You can read deeply into this here: [Arek'Jaalan] Hilen Tukoss's Final Message, and the Truths of the Upwell Consortium

Suggestion for the site:

A demonstration or protest-styled grouping of ships, as well as some habitation hubs and freight platforms, with a hologram portrait or 3d hologram (the art team did share ideas about that at one point) of Hilen Tukoss. Approaching the demonstration could trigger a message box talking about the conspiracy, or dispense an item to the approaching player’s cargo at a close distance, with a description that details the conspiracy in full, perhaps linking to the forum thread above as well.

Item brainstorming:

image Hilen Tukoss Demonstration Statement
A document listing the motivation for the demonstration ongoing in Eram. It reads:

Dr. Hilen Tukoss was captured by the Vigilant Tyrannos at their Redoubt Hive in YC116, the victim of a strange clone transfer interference the Drifters are somehow capable of. They used his identification to trick capsuleers into providing them with materials they desired, but the Doctor eventually managed to escape his captors. He warned that Site One was compromised, and that he was en route to this system in a vessel he had managed to take control of. The telemetry included in his final message indicated that it had been sent from this very system, at this very spot. He had made it back to Eram.

But he was never heard from again.

Eifyr & Co. did their very best to conceal the Doctor’s frantic message from the time shortly before the Drifters captured him, but it was eventually leaked to the public. CONCORD investigated, but later dropped their actions entirely without a word to the public. What’s more, just days after his final message had been sent - as he arrived in Eram and disappeared without a trace - the Doctor’s corporate citizenship was nullified, making him a citizen of nowhere with, to quote, “no human rights”. Combining this with the DED’s fervent pursuit of those who came into possession of a sample of his corpse from Redoubt Hive, and the entry of Eifyr just months later into the Upwell Consortium, which quickly began producing new advanced technology never before seen, including the Arcing Vorton Projector, evidence for a theorized conspiracy is bountiful.

The people of New Eden have a right to know what happened. The Doctor wished for his work to benefit the people of New Eden, and to illuminate the truths of the world we live in.

We demand the truth.