Adding EVE landmarks to the Agency / Exploration tab

I was exploring some wormholes earlier today and after stumbling upon a drifter wormhole thought that it would be fantastic to have a sort of “encyclopedia” (call it whatever you like) that would list historical locations in EVE as well as various celestial locations that are either of player importance or simply vistas.

You could have it separated by region/type/system security…

For example:

  • List all various types of nebulae with locations/sectors to visit
  • List various types of wormholes and various vistas available (i remember taking tons of screenshots when I first found the huge SOE fleet in a drifter WH)
  • List various player monuments (Anything from the first titan wreck, various battlegrouds in nullsec to Katia Sae’s statue)
  • Mention various “hidden” bits and pieces with lore snippets from around EVE
  • Take other player suggestions on various vistas and pois around New Eden

I think it would be fantastic to have such a resource ingame where you could find tons of EVE’s history in a browsable fashion rather than trying to stumble upon random ancient websites listing stuff that was out of date years ago


Interesting idea. I like it.

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