Building/Finding The Old Relics

I am sure that there are many objects in game lore that arent actually in game as monuments and such. I would put forth the idea of an in game event surrounding the players contributing to their discoveries or directly to their actual production. Collecting items, minerals, etc in order to create an assortment of different huge monuments and relics that come straight from Eve lore.

The ones completed would be built perhaps in pieces and the final pieces uncompleted unless fully discovered around New Eden, in Sleeper Sites in wormholes or anywhere that people can explore.

Another aspect could be the discovery of their existences by New Eden scientists that need “funding” a/or help to acquire better telemetry and astrogeological surveys to pin point the ancient relics.

With the new graphics Id love to see what the Art teams would come up with for monoliths, complexs and other Seven wonders of ancient New Eden world that players could then visit in game.

Id love to see more cool stuff that players could venture out and see in game.


this sounds great!

it would work well as long term content for literally everyone, as long as collecting material for one monument literally takes months and can’t just be bought off the market by a few people.

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I like seeing weird things in EvE too. I been looking for a weird structure on YouTube for an hour that was found in a wormhole. It was generating double vortexes, looked like a weird snowflake. But couldn’t find it bout I did find a super POS.
Super POS

That PoS is a recreation of Terok Nor, otherwise known as Deep Space 9.

It’s one of the most historically, politically, and strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant, not only as a defensive outpost but also as a vital commercial port as well.

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Oh, I thought something of those lines but never made the connection.

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I like the idea of finding unusual things in space and reporting them to some central location. Kinda like elite dangerous, when your outside of controlled space, there is a “bounty” for undiscovered inhabitantable planets for future expansion.

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The only issue with finding them would be that once youre on grid with it youve found all of it and the entire fun is over.

With funding/helping research there could be discoveries and new things added all over the place over any length of time period which would let it go on a little bit longer than just a few days to weeks.

Ive just been really impressed with the art guys the last few years and I would love to see them tackle something like this.

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Maybe finding something and scanning or hacking will give loot and it will give you info to lead you to other sites, like some sites lead to other sites in different systems. Leading to a long list of other sites in a series.

And the long chain of sites would have to be run within one up time cycle.

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I’m thinking it should be an exploration mission, something of lore and legend… Maybe some kind of agency event of some kind.

Limited access rare agent giving out hints or rumors for of long lost sites, stations, or something. And when you find the site scanning or hacking it might give you clues of some kind to find another site.


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