New and Updated Landmarks Live Now


We have just released a news article about new and updated landmarks in New Eden that are live with today’s patch. Please use this thread to discuss the changes with fellow pilots!

To promote a more thoughtful discussion, the thread is in 15 mins slow mode for the next 24 hours.



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Where is the list of all existing landmarks? I would love to sightsee them. I have been to Katia Sae’s Monument and Amarr Titans Face-Off. I have yet to visit Molea and plenty of other landmarks that I may have not known.


Open the map and select the Landmarks filter. Alternatively, there are blogs that list all the landmarks.


Shiny! EVE gate is amazing!

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Caroline’s Star – the result of a supernova and surrounded by ancient stellar engineering devices connected to wormhole space – has undergone an impressive visual revamping.

Has it? To me it looks exactly the same as before today.

Молодцы отлично постарались с летаем поглядим на все великолепие.
Верните пожалуйста каюты на станциях.

English is the language to use outside of your russian part of forums. Please translate

“Well done perfectly with the summer let’s look at all the splendor.
Please return the cabins at the stations.”


This is fantastic! Eye candy best candy!

Gives me a lot of vibes from the random stuff we could find in space in the early days of the game. Love it and can’t wait to visit some of these places for myself! :heart:


The Art Team are the only people I trust to produce consistently good content.
Good stuf!!



It isn’t a striking difference but it is slightly larger and the cloud effects around it have been updated. Looking at the same image from before and after is the best way to tell the difference with Caroline Star

What is “The rare Children of Light phenomena in the Iyen-Oursta system has received a dramatic visual upgrade.”? I’m here in system at the beacon, what should I look for?

Speaking of the Children of Light phenomena, both the beacon and the orange ‘landmark’ icon do not have any lore or flavour text explaining what the Children of Light is. Is it possible to add a snippet of the chronicle or a description of the phenomenon to the info window?


Very cool. I love all this the more landmarks the better. Anything that makes areas of space distinctive and gives a sense of place and history rather than just a series of soulless, empty rooms for me to treat as PvP arenas.


Now that I’ve seen the landmarks on video, I don’t need to go there.


Would had made more sense to deploy the previous racing event and this at the same time? Don’t feel like making these same treks again. good luck.

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Many thanks for the continued excellent efforts of the art team in making all of these happen! And particular thanks to everyone at CCP for the Eve Travel Agency in Mozzidit :smiley:

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Very cool :slight_smile:

I may be blind, but Map does not have any “Landmarks” filter. Is there a special trick?