What locations / monuments in New Eden are worth seeing and what systems are they in?


Oh, there is a cool link you can use to find places of interest. Check it out here: Eve Travel. There are, of course, plenty more they haven’t covered…

Though I still have to mention my favorite site is located in Arnher.


I thought there was a pilot who recently completed a visit to every system in Eve (without loss, iirc)… I would suggest their blog may be a good place to start.

Thread here:



You should visit Poitot, the only named System in Syndicate.

Also, it’s the only named system in new Eden that has it’s own fan site:

The Eve Gate in the New Eden system is also a must-visit for sightseers.


The capsuleer graveyard in Molea is worth a visit.


Golgothian Fields in Ennur is a fun place to take your friends if you want some fun ratting and to get some neat loot


I remember years ago visiting the Eve Gate and anchoring a small secure can there, it was like a ‘Rite Of Passage’, lot’s of cans were anchored there, basically signifying a players status change from inexperienced to experienced player.

But yeah, definitely it’s a must see. Eve Gate is the main focal point of Eve Lore. Also should visit the Black Monolith located nearby.

Back in 2013 CCP had an in-game event called ‘Sanctuary Image Contest’ which was split up into 3 parts. Basically it was mostly tourist sightseeing getting screenshots while visiting various locations within New Eden.

I still have the screenshots for the Sanctuary Image Contest:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Well after reading this I went and had a look at that statue in Saisio and am now looking at the collapsed WH in New Eden. Pretty nice, thanks for the inspiration.


There are, of course, plenty more they haven’t covered…

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode if you have more static sites for me to cover, I’m all ears :wink:

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I dont think Ive seen any of these things. Ir I have and didnt notice.

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