[Arek'Jaalan] Hilen Tukoss's Final Message, and the Truths of the Upwell Consortium

What is the true legacy of Hilen Tukoss?

When the Doctor’s messages on the IGS five years ago concluded, many suspected that he would soon arrive at Site One in Eram and offer some explanation as to the nature of the Drifters’ appearance and actions in New Eden; however, he never arrived.

Time went on, and new developments continued to overshadow this one-of-many mysteries of our time - until analysis performed by subsidiaries of one Capsuleer revealed that, while the second-to-last transmission was sent at quite a distance from New Eden, the Doctor’s final message was broadcast from within his destination system, a stone’s throw from Eifyr & Co. station in Eram.

The concealment of the far earlier warning Tukoss had sent, his disavowment and stripping-of-citizenship by Zainou just days after his final transmission was received, the fervor with which the DED pursued the sample recovered from the Doctor’s corpse discovered in Redoubt, Eifyr’s role in the founding of the Upwell Consortium, the novel technologies released by Upwell in the years since; the revelation of Tukoss’s final disappearance has been the trigger for renewed speculation concerning all of this and far more.

In light of that, I posit the following:

Doctor Hilen Tukoss, arriving in Eram in control of a Sleeper or Drifter vessel and carrying vital information, was intercepted by agents of Eifyr & Co. a short time after broadcasting his final transmission outside the Eifyr station in late February YC117, and spirited away - never being encountered at his destination, Site One. His corporate citizenship was then nullified, making him a non-citizen with “no human rights”, in order to legally extract or utilize whatever information Tukoss had brought with him - in whatever form he had taken - by any means necessary.

When the Doctor’s body was discovered in Redoubt, the DED relentlessly pursued those possessing samples in order to officially declare his death and permit Eifyr & Co. to execute his will. Eifyr then went on to become a founding member of the Upwell Consortium, which made full use of information provided by the officially dead, citizen-of-nowhere Hilen Tukoss in developing their proprietary STANDUP nanoassembly system and the now-ubiquitous Upwell structures and modules marketed to Capsuleers, as they vie for ever-growing influence on the stage of New Eden.

What might the true purpose of the Upwell Consortium be?
What are the goals of those behind it?

Is Hilen Tukoss still alive, in one form or another? Did he wish to reconnect with Eifyr and provide information, or was he instead captured by agents of the corporation preceding his citizenship nullification and official “death”, having perhaps wished to reach Site One and meet with Capsuleers instead?

And what does the Society of Conscious Thought think of Upwell’s doings, given their relatively recent inheritance of knowledge once exclusive to the Jove Directorate, whom they have now succeeded? The Society has subtly supported the independence of Capsuleers since our inception in YC105; what do they make of the far more grandiose support expressed by Upwell in their continued dissemination of novel technologies?

My personal hope is that Dr. Tukoss did in fact return, and that he intentionally moved to hide with Eifyr and willingly provide information - perhaps having taken an actual Drifter body in his escape, making cloning difficult or impossible without proper infrastructure and justifying such a hiding-away. That said, I bitterly consider it to be far more likely that Hilen Tukoss was prevented from arriving in Site One and enacting his plans, whatever they may have been, and was taken in by those who would do - and have done - anything necessary to extract what he had learned or brought with him.

My purpose in suggesting these connections is simply to bring awareness of its possibility to others, to inspire curiosity and discovery. The pursuit of knowledge forever spurs on the asking of questions, even if some would prefer such curiosity to go unanswered. Those who ponder the truth should not be content waiting for knowledge to be spoon-fed to them, revealed at whatever pace another party deems acceptable. Seek to discover, perhaps even in defiance; Arek’Jaalan.



: 24 OCTOBER YC116

A communication from the long-missing Doctor Hilen Tukoss, who founded the Arek’Jaalan project and who disappeared into Anoikis in YC113 following the discovery and destruction of an abandoned Helios belonging to Lianda Bureau, appears on the Intergalatic Summit. This came shortly following the Sisters of EVE announcement concerning abnormal Sleeper activity, and a short time before the appearance of “Caroline’s Star”.

The message contained various hexadecimal strings denoting syntax determinations not characteristic of human communications, along with an invitation to begin the collection of Jove biomass samples sourced from a YC106 incident in which a Directorate ambassador was disassembled during a test for a matter transmission device. The Doctor’s message stated that a resource drop would soon be established at Eram’s “Site One”, the headquarters of the Arek’Jaalan project. Tukoss stated that for some time he had been unable to communicate, but had remained dedicated to “the research we began together in writeconflict date/current=24/10/116 replace/string=09/07/113 YC113”.


A second message appears, equally rife with hexadecimal strings containing syntax alternates alongside an unknown Anoikis system ident - one of numerous systems the “Doctor” congratulated us recipients for colonizing. This was later discovered to be the ID for Thera.


8 days later, after many capsuleers had obediently journeyed to Eram in order to deposit Jove biomass, a very different third message appears on the Summit. This communication was broken-up but vaguely decipherable, and appeared to warn recipients that Tukoss had been “captured” in some way and was being held somewhere within Anoikis, that Site One was compromised, and that the fate of the Arek’Jaalan project was now in the hands of us capsuleers - with Tukoss imploring us to continue work.

attempted reconstruction of 3rd message


The fourth and final message to the IGS appears, a short time after the Drifters had emerged. This communication was equally broken up, but reconstruction attempts brought out an ominous message - the people once called Sleepers were now, without a doubt, no longer sleeping. Tukoss had been imprisoned by and encountered a form of life both biological and biomechanical in nature - the Drifters - and had managed to secure a “sleeper vessel”, with which he had escaped and was currently inbound to Site One aboard.

attempted reconstruction of 4th message

Using the positional data and pings present in both of the “genuine” messages from Tukoss, it has since been calculated that the Doctor had arrived in Eram, and that his final message had been broadcast from a location approximately 30km off of the Eifyr & Co. station in Eram. However, Hilen Tukoss was never encountered at Site One.

: 6 MARCH YC117

8 days after his final message is recieved, having seemingly never arrived at his destination, Hilen Tukoss is disavowed by his parent corporation, Zainou Biotech, and is stripped of his corporate citizenship, making him a “citizen of nowhere” with "no human rights".

: 8 MAY YC117

The SCOPE leaks a previously hidden broadcast from Hilen Tukoss, which had been concealed by Eifyr for some time before being uncovered. The Doctor, having discovered an enormous Drifter armada continually amassing at an enormous megastructure in an uncharted Anoikis system, sent this “emergency broadcast” instructing recipients to notify the DED, warning that we were now facing a “possible invasion”. The broadcast was broken up, but showed Hilen Tukoss aboard his vessel broadcasting for as long as possible before being discovered by the Drifters, illuminated by a bright light - at which time the broadcast ceased.

The DED soon released details on the broadcast, stating that while the broadcast was at least 6 months old, CONCORD believed it had potentially been sent over a year prior - placing it far before any of Hilen Tukoss’s messages to the IGS, offering an explanation as to his situation; Hilen Tukoss had been infomorph-napped by the Drifters as his capsule performed its burn scan - somehow intercepting his infomorph and taking it in.

Eifyr had concealed the broadcast since receiving it, and the senior staff of the corporation was brought in for questioning by the DED.

No information as to the nature of these talks was ever made public.

: 8 JUNE YC117

A group of capsuleers discover the body of Hilen Tukoss in close proximity to the exact structure seen in his final broadcast, following the opening of all Drifter Unidentified Wormholes to capsuleer passage.

Upon its recovery, CONCORD demanded the unconditional surrender of a cerebral slice sample retrieved from the Doctor’s body, the sole material recovered from Tukoss’s corpse, to the DED - which escalated drastically in terms of penalties for those involved, until pilot Lucas Raholan acquiesced under the orders of his superiors on July 13th and submitted the sample.

Charges against the capsuleers were dropped, the death of the Doctor was officially confirmed, and Hilen Tukoss’s will - the contents of which have never been revealed - was executed by Eifyr & Co.


The establishment of the Upwell Consortium is announced.
Eifyr & Co. joins as a founding member of the cooperative, and the Consortium announces the development of “Citadels” days later, the first of many structures and modules to employ a novel, proprietary nanoassembly system dubbed “STANDUP”.

March of YC118 sees the Society of Conscious Though inherit the position of the now-defunct Jove Directorate on the Inner Circle of CONCORD.

April of YC118 brings about the official release of Citadels to the public. This deployment also includes the Arcing Vorton Projector, utilizing “the latest developments in the emerging field of spatiotemporal weaponry” to endow the largest Citadels with a weapon system that has been compared to the rumored superweapon once fired over Mekhios by the late Jamyl Sarum.

Simultaneously, the Society of Conscious Thought released new technologies of their own in the forms of the Bosonic Field Generator and the Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator - two Titan-mounted systems showcasing powerful knowledge of spacetime manipulation that the Society now chose to share with Capsuleers. Additionally, the fruits of initially Amarr-started research into the operating principles of Drifter weapon systems came into Capsuleer hands as well, granting Titans additional combat utility in the form of Reaper and Lance Doomsdays.

Progressing forward to the present day, the Upwell Consortium continues to further empower Capsuleers through the release of novel structures - even going so far as to partially reverse-engineer Triglavian conduit technology in the form of the EXERT Conduit Coupler component that made the Ansiblex Jump Gate a reality.


As an individual who is definitely not associated with any constituent member of Upwell and has no financial, social nor ideological ties to them, I wish to make it known that this level of tinfoil-hattery is clearly designed to garner a reputation for its poster.

Apparently infamy is more important to Uriel than the truth - even if it could harm the reputation of a business community that has given so much back to New Eden. Unless, of course, Uriel is on the payroll of PKN then corporate slander would be perfectly understandable…

Hah, I’d be very happy if more-or-less anyone else also threw this sort of exposition together - while I do have certain hopes in regards to the Doctor and the whole story - and happier yet if I was somehow being paid by the PKN or anyone else to write out these things.

In terms of harming Upwell somehow, I think that’s not so likely. The teasings of legal process within this whole timeline makes it abundantly clear that, whatever was done during that time, it was all done in a meticulously legal way - the citizenship nullification and the official death being the two most important parts. I merely wish to do whatever I can to help uncover the truth of the Sleepers and the Drifters - something Doctor Tukoss himself obviously had a paramount interest in.


Then why the inference that Upwell has influence in the Doctor’s death and that they gained financially and politically from it?

Because, if Hilen Tukoss did arrive in New Eden with valuable information, it likely went to whichever party he found himself with after his last disappearance in Eram.

I don’t think Upwell had influence in his death; I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still out there, somewhere. My concern lies with what he himself had intended in coming back to New Eden.

If he had wished to secretly spirit away within Eifyr after returning, and contribute information that led to what Upwell has become now willingly, that’s one thing. But if he was instead intercepted and all of this has been a very tight legal process to coerce knowledge from the returning Doctor unwillingly somehow, that’s something different.

I strongly believe that Upwell, through Eifyr, through Doctor Tukoss, possesses important knowledge - the question is what truly happened between each of these events, and what the Doctor really brought back from his time with the Drifters. Upwell’s gains, while connected, are not what I choose to focus on; I simply want to know the nature of the source.


His legacy is that of a traitor to both his Parent Corporation and the State.


As if one of the foremost capsuleer experts on exo-threats like the Sleepers, Drifters, and Triglavians needs this to ‘garner a reputation’. Honestly, Ange, what’s next? Did I tell Aldrith his Guardian fits were shite in Thebeka so I could get noticed by Mittens?


Well, did you?



Perhaps ‘garner’ was the wrong word or in the wrong phrasing but reputations - as you well know - require maintenance.

Imagine you haven’t had any major breakthroughs for a while but see that others have been publishing a lot of research and observations on Triglavian behaviours during Invasions, for instance. Wouldn’t you be tempted to rush out a half-cocked conspiracy theory that is held together by circumstancial evidence to keep your name in the forefront of people’s thoughts when it comes to experts in the field?

This is not to say that this was malicious on the part of Uriel - I fully believe this process to be sub-conscious.

Arrendis, I know you dislike me but you must agree that this theory is outlandish at best?

I’m content to see others do their own work while I conduct my own. Today is in fact the fifth anniversary of the “Doctor’s” second message to the IGS, and it’s pained me to see hardly a soul discuss the fact that he did in fact arrive in the Eram system; Upwell’s rise to prominence at such a quick pace, combined with the facts of these events, are too coincidental for me to not ponder.

No offense taken, but it does make me a bit sad to see you think I’m doing this for myself, however subconsciously; I’m simply taking the role of posing questions I wish others would also ask, regardless of how far-fetched some might find some of these thoughts.

If I might ask, what about the theory above seems outlandish to you, Ange?



Reputations are not maintained, especially in research fields, by rushing out whatever wild speculation is easy at hand whenever someone else’s name turns up in print. They’re maintained by consistent quality of work, due diligence taken, and thoroughness. All of those things take time.

As for outlandish… which theory is more outlandish?

Theory 1: A consortium of large corporations, including at least one with ties to organized crime (Eifyr has ties to the Cartel) might have done something not all that unusual (manipulated legal rights and ‘disappeared’ someone) for industrial espionage purposes…


Theory 2: Multiple groups of previously unknown ancient offshoots of the Second Jovian Empire and/or their contemporaries demonstrate functional compatibility with our computer systems and data transfer protocols (not just the physical technology, but the actual privately-developed data transfer structures), each in different ways, no less, to do things like… communicate in perfect modern verbiage through a capsuleer’s hijacked body, or penetrate, take over, and manipulate the cluster-wide markets… and that their ship designs are similar enough to our own that highly customized military components can be plugged in with no loss of performance?

Seriously, which theory is more outlandish: that people in power might abuse that power, or that entities who are thousands of years divergent from us in technological development are perfectly compatible with our tech?

Because to me, the one we know has happened… is definitely the more outlandish.


This is too far fetched to be an accurate comparison. Nobody wants to be noticed by Goons. :sunglasses:

Your speculations are interesting Uriel, and it irks me how there isn’t enough information to judge their validity one way or the other.

You’ve also missed two other nodes in this proverbial web of intrigue: the Serpentis Corporation and the Angel Cartel. @Arrendis pointed it out first, so I’ll explain the possible connections in my response to her, below.

No, I would continually work through my theories and the information available to me, then ask my colleagues - if I had any - to give me feedback on those theories, which appears to be what Uriel has done here.

His theory may seem outlandish to you, but we’re living in outlandish times.

The way I hear it Eifyr has ties to the Serpentis, but since the angels and Sarpati family are joined at the hip it’s easy to believe the company is linked to both, and has possibly aided them in developing technologies based on what’s been recovered from Sleeper sites.

Think about it: you have a company that specializes in neural implants and possesses a keen interest in Sleeper technology joins the Upwell Consortium despite persistent rumors of ties to the Angel Cartel and Serpentis Corporation. This is despite the fact that two other founding members - Mordu’s Legion and ORE - heavily dislike the Serpentis.

You have a criminal organization that lives in old Jove space, is rumored to have their headquarters in an old Second Empire station, and possesses enough advanced technology for those rumors to claim the Cartel has successfully reverse-engineered it. To my knowledge, none of the cluster’s great powers have gone over the Curse region with a fine-toothed comb, and if it had a cloaking system like the Observatories did that the Angels managed to get working again no one is going to find the damn thing unless something important breaks.

Finally, we have a criminal corporation with extremely close ties to the Angel Cartel that released a powerful set of implants in YC118. Implants with a name - Asklepian - that shares definite linguistic similarity with terms and nomenclature used by the Vigilant Tyrannos.

If it turns out that Eifyr helped the Angels and Serpentis develop those implants along with god-knows-what-else? Muriya Mordu would be consumed with such overwhelming rage that it will become the spiritual equivalent of Caroline’s Star; fury echoing across the vastness of space and time until, somewhere on the other side of New Eden, Grath Telkin senses the awakening of a kindred soul.

If that really is the case, then how do you explain them moving to Delve and not booting the local cultists off their new lawn?

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Well, if he’s really dead, lets not speak bad of him.
If he is not - then he must be hunted down. Even citizens “of nowhere” must take responsibility for their actions.

I might not have any trust to Minmatar corporations and Eifyr in particular, yet, who knows what could have happened if his plans were realized. After all, his first plan was to hijack a State freighter with Caldari tech and bring it to enemies. Even if I don’t have trust to enemies, I would still trust them more than someone who was our and betrayed us once. What could have his plans brought to our cluster only Maker knows. And let it stay this way.

You aren’t really Caldari, are you?
It means they were dissidents, that’s something to be ashamed of and not speak in public.

A) Moving back to Delve, thanks.

B) We’re still working on it. Sure, things have slowed down a bit since the point where we were destroying almost a million Blooder ships a day, but we’re nothing if not willing to keep beating our heads against a wall until the wall breaks.

You’d be surprised who seems eager to be noticed by us. In the end, though, Mittens is just a regular guy, though.

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I figured the literal meaning of the phrase, “Making dissidents”, fit well with the spirit of that last section - not being content waiting to be told the truth by some party :slight_smile:

The Doctor’s defection to Eifyr from his parent corporation, alongside his praise of Eifyr’s methodology in that old interview of his with the scope, is what leans me somewhat away from a malicious interruption toward a perhaps more intentional reconnection on his part; and I have to say I’d probably disagree on the hunting-down part in any case~ But it’s true, I’m no Caldari.


Fellow Capsuleers

I would like to comment on respected Uriel Anteovnuecci’s statement from two perspectives.

Firstly, the sequence of events around Hilen Tukoss’ fate is complex and disputable; I am very thankful, that pilot Uriel brought up such a well documented timeline. Especially for new members of our community, those events are hard to understand and evaluate. They have the potential to be quickly dismissed as obscure and backward-minded contemplation. I share Uriel Anteovnuecci’s consciousness on that matter.

Personally, I accept Hilen Tukoss’ death for granted until proven otherwise. I am very careful not to blame anyone regarding this matter. But I do stress the lack of transparency. We are talking about the invention and proliferation of state-of-the-art technology; exact origins unknown, implications and intentions open for speculation. However, CONCORD’s approval and the accceptance of Upwell as part of the empires’ corporate inter-stellar economy does deserve some credit of trust, in my humble opinion. Rational, sharply articulated doubt, as brought forth by pilot Uriel Anteovnuecci, is something the involved parties should be thankful for. He clearly underlined his personal opinions on the matter, which I consider good scientific ethics.

Secondly, I want to give a brief anecdote from IKAME’s internal modus operandi in order to comment on issues of self-esteem. Among our station crew there is this saying that ‘Jove have a scheduled appointment’ whenever pilot Anteovnuecci’s office doors are closed. We do appreciate his dedicated research into Drifter issues and we are actively lifting responsibilities from his shoulders to provide him the freedom and relief he needs. In fact, he is involved with upcoming publications and ongoing research on Triglavian matters but division of labor is simply necessary to keep up with daily events and pressing issues we face those days.


Haria Haritimado


…was there anyone actually in those ships, or were they piloted by malevolent spirits? Because if you lot really were reducing that many ships to molten scrap then I question just how the hell those vampires managed to crew all of them!

This is something we appear to agree on, Haria. Much as I dislike CONCORD’s refusal to explain themselves, I also realize that there could be perfectly legitimate reasons for doing so.

Would that this was literally the case. :pensive: If the Jove really have departed New Eden then it’s entirely possible we will never get to learn the full history and culture of their civilization, and Uriel is probably one of the best people in the cluster with whom they could share that information.


So do we…

Maybe they have colony worlds that aren’t linked to the stargate network? Warp drives don’t technically require a destination point, nor do jump drives a cyno. As long as you’re willing to manually plot a heading or spend weeks calculating the destination for a jump, it’s entirely possible to leave the network’s coverage and enter systems where stargates either haven’t been built yet or just can’t function.

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