What landmark locations would you love to see in New Eden?

I would like to see some sort of monument to commemorate the Flosewin War of October 2019 til June 2020, considering both the Amarr and Minmatar pilots poured every hour they could spare into it for eight months. Sometimes as many as twelve or more hours a day.

Just a simple collidable object above the 4th planet in the system would do fine. I’m not going to presume to tell you what shape it should take as your art team is just fine.


Abandoned and stripped down Jove station in Curse.
We know that Angel Cartel has salvaged them but we never see them ingame.

Kyonoke Pit - The landmark already exists ingame, there is just nothing there. Just empty space. Could have something in there to explain what it is. And since the plague already got leaked out and we have cure there is no need to keep the pit itself hidden from capsuleers.

Another landmark that exists but has literally nothing in it: Hijacked Subsidiary Facility. I couldn’t even find the reason for its existence anywhere.


Galm here with the Obligatory Warclone Post!

I would absolutely love to see a few in-universe landmarks dedicated to some of the events surrounding the legacy of independent warclones in New Eden. Top locations I would most like to see in no particular order include:

  1. Some sort of marker memorializing the 21 Gun Riots / The Warlord Uprising in Molden Heath. We still lack quite a bit of hard in-universe information on these events, so it would be nice to see a marker that can shed some light on the relative disappearance / draw down in warclone activity in the Heath. Possible locations for this marker can be Bosena IX, the supposide “founding planet” where warclone RP’ers created the Bosena Accords after DUST’s shutdown or in Teonusude to mark the original location of the Avalon Warclone Refuge used to shelter warclones during the purges.
  1. A moment, marker, or NPC outpost that can act as the location of Avalon, the warclone “homeland” and capital station in Skarkon. I go back and forth on the best / coolest way to do this. A monument dedicated to the multiple stations we have built out there would help memorialize it should they ever be lost, but a NPC outpost similar to an abandoned station or Ammatar Dome would mean that even if Bosena Accords gets kicked out of Skarkon and we lose everything narratively warclones can continue to settle the region, and CCP can have a bit more control over how that story develops going into a certain unnamed shooter. It’d certainly make our jobs easier, and I’d be more than happy to have the Bosena Accords demoted to a large private group that is a part of and helped make Avalon if Avalon itself became a canon NPC entity / faction controlled by CCP. It would certainly save me money on fuel blocks, and I could rest much more easily.

  2. Okay the last one was a big ask, but barring that I cannot stress enough the necessity of some sort of marker or monument for the Skarkon War. Many, many people and organizations came together for that arc other than just warclones with it still ongoing. With the amount of materials used, lives lost, and just the saga of it all I’d say it easily falls within the realm of importance warranting a landmark.


Fun (perhaps not-so-fun) fact, the Kyonoke Pit was destroyed by the Caldari as a pre-emptive measure when the Triglavian invasion there reached Minor Victory - I was sad to read it, and knowing there was a lot of that whole story that seems to have simply never been finished or published, it’s a bit sad - especially given that the Kyonoke Inquest was my first Fanfest </3

That said, yes please to a Jove station type in Curse - I’m writing up another post for that right now

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A mix of both official and player fiction Related things

Official Lore Locations

  • Intaki Crisis YC119 Memorial Site to commemorate the raids made by LDPS and Onikanabo Brigade against Intaki civilian locations, and the capsuleer, warclone, and baseliner efforts to force them to a halt.
  • The Necropolis over Esmes III seen in EVE Valkyrie
  • The CXN-N1 SoE Shipyards seen in EVE Valkyrie
  • The Ruined Cathedral and Ship graveyard over Kamela III seen in EVE Valkyrie
  • The ORE refinery complex over TQ - RRB VIII seen in EVE Valkyrie
  • ORE Gateway Facility over 2X7Z-L VI in the Great Wildlands seen in EVE Valkyrie
  • The Hijacked Shipyards in Saranen

Player Fiction Locations

  • Assorted complexes and sites in the ‘Origin’ wormhole, connected to Alexylva Paradox
  • Eugales VI Arcology Access Orbital Tether and Orbital Production Yards connected to Wolf Brothers INC and the United Neopian Federation
  • Utpattia/Cloudfront colony on/over A-3ES3 II connected to the long running Syndicate Stability Initiative/Operation Greysteel run by Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive



The Angel Cartel is based out of the Heaven constellation in Curse. What not everybody seems to know, however, is that this constellation was in fact the home of both the First and Second Jove Empires - see the Chronicle: HEAVEN.

The Angels have, over time, discovered many relics left behind by the Jove of these eras - one in fact being a derelict station. This station has been mentioned quietly in some places, and appears in both the game files as an entity, as well as in an official CCP-produced video:

It uses the “Jovian Construct” station type, the model for which is present ingame. You can actually inspect this model yourself if you look in the once Third Jove Empire systems of M-FDTD and HD3-JK.

Suggestion for a site:

Place the “Heaven” station as either a LCO site, or as a dockable station in the same-named constellation in Curse.

Ideally it would be true station, there isn’t currently a Jove station interior ingame. Making it a nondockable LCO could work, but there’s also the option of using a slightly altered Minmatar station interior.

If implemented as an actual station, it could use the system in place for Triglavian stations in Pochven, and only allow those in high standings with the Angel Cartel to dock in it.

Near the station, you could have an assortment of Angel NPCs meandering around, as well as some additional LCOs for flavor, and some clouds.

Perhaps a nearby LCO platform could house another “archive” that would transmit an item to a player’s cargo, describing some information on the past Jove empires? These parts of the lore are completely absent from the game, and having them show up anywhere at all would be a spectacular way to make the lore available to more players.


I’ll self-destruct The Veldnaught in Amarr if you make a permanent wreck of it :wink: (I’ll do the same with all my other high-sec caps to make it a chain of visits to the Veldfleet)…

Also who do I need to convince to rename a planet after me? :grin:


A better idea might be ‘museum ships’. It’s something I’ve sent in requests about as well, as I own the first pirate Force Auxiliary in existence (and ‘firsts’ are things most new players won’t ever see in EVE, in a lot of categories).

Basically, the idea is a LCO or dockable structure that uses a ship model and has the stats/fitting, but can’t move, can’t warp… maybe toss in some drone-object it can target to activate things like mining lasers or neuts… but those pre-determined objects are all the structure can target… just to let people play with it.

Put the Veldnaught in Amarr, my Dagon over in Pator (the owning character’s home system), mebbe see if Max would want a similar treatment for his Apostle, etc?


Could always create some nonaggressive, essentially non-killable NPC versions of these specific ships to float in these locations - the AI is present for that now. The Veldnaught could warp to different asteroid belts and be seen actually mining, etc~ Heck, they could even attach the character associated with each ship to them, in the same way all the Drifter ships have “pilots”.


Understatement of the year. With the art team CCP has these will (any and all) be awesome.


An NPC Veldy flying around… I love that, I’d be mining with myself sort of, sounds epic haha. I love those ideas of LCO/NPC with some interaction, would still be willing to SD for a landmark though :relaxed:


Mithra’s Gate is a sungrazer. It’s a comet. One of those that swing in very close to the primary star out of a high orbit in their system. .
except of course it wasn’t just a snowball. Oh sure, it was a comet. Pretty big one, but a comet. At least it seemed likely it was originally a standard comet in a sungrazer orbit. Of course, Sariel wondered if that was the truth of it. But that was beside the point when you realized that someone had carved a large tunnel along its main rotational axis and then dug out a vault, right into the core of the thing.That access tunnel was large enough for the Drammies to travel down it with a fair bit of clearance. Obviously, whoever built it had intended it for small ships. We weren’t going to get the Wreathe in there though.


If you did that I think hands down it’d be a thing, but I also don’t want the Veldnaught to die. Unless it wasn’t a self-destruct but a suspect flag where everyone could shoot and get on a famous KM.

(But I still don’t want the Veldnaught to die)



Multiple sites.
Site Locations:
– Seyllin I
– 3HQC-6 I
– EAWE-2 I
– Z8-81T I
– 35-RK9 I
Other Potential Locations:
– 5-CSE3 I
– Y0-BVN I
– R79-I7 I

Explaining these potential landmarks requires a bit of backstory, which you can unfurl below:



On 10 March YC111, the most significant spatiotemporal event in recent history was triggered when a cache of Isogen-5 was detonated in T-IPZB. Isogen-5, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, is only formed in close proximity to Type A0 stars. This cache, manned and filled by a swarm of irregular Rogue Drones who ventured out to collect Isogen-5 from near the system’s star, was interwoven with nine other caches across K-space, as well as an unknown number in Anoikis.

The Isogen-5 caches were filled with the intent of harnessing the exotic material’s unique properties to reopen a network of controlled wormhole passageways in both Anoikis and New Eden systems - but things went horribly awry when a detachment from a Thukker caravan chanced upon the cache in T-IPZB at the same time as a Blood Raider patrol. Located at this cache was the very Abaddon Jamyl Sarum had used to expel the Elder Fleet from Amarr space - fitted with a superweapon fueled by Isogen-5, being actively refueled by the swarming drones, which were apparently on the side of Jamyl’s insidious headmate.

The Thukkers blew up the cache, which triggered the cataclysmic detonation of every other Isogen-5 cache it was linked with, simultaneously, across all space.

Ten systems in New Eden fell victim to the aftershocks of this event - though only seven are truly “confirmed” insofar as we can actually see the effects ingame.

You can read the story of what led up to this event in the “End of the World” chronicle series, in order here: The Spiral, Half a Life, I, The Great Harvest, We Humans, World on Fire.


Moving much closer to current day, we look to the Triglavian Collective. The core of their activities in the Invasions, with the goal of changing spacetime to create the Domain of Pochven, centered around structures they call “Dazh Porevitium Transmuters”. These massive constructions reach into the very core of their host star, in order to extract and transmute a material they call “Porevitium” to achieve their spacetime aspirations. Transmuters are only installed at type A0, O1, and G5 (small) stars.

Before the invasions began, the Triglavians were observed surveying stars for potential future invasion. Each star (which their terminology refer to as “Dazh”) had multiple attributes assigned to them, including a “Porevitium Trace”. This material was broadly suspected and near-assumed to in fact be the exotic Isogen-5, apparently present in the depths of three types of stars, where only type A0 would radiate it outward.

This suspicion was solidified with the weaving of Pochven, where each of the Triglavian Clades have set up exactly three “Porevitium Vaults”.

Triglavian occupation of a space station typically involves converting much of its interior from its former purpose, the Clades apparently being inclined to use the seized station for their own ends rather than destroy a useful asset. Security within this station is extremely high and the controlling clade is even less tolerant than usual when it comes to perceived infractions and violations by residents or visitors. The core of the station is totally sealed off to all but the elite troikas of the clade and is apparently being used as a storage facility for a surplus of the most valuable resources obtained by Triglavian harvesting operations.

These three stations seem to essentially be Isogen-5 caches in their own right, for use in future Triglavian activities… (those Vyraj anchorages are quite interesting, hm?)

Suggestion for a Site:

Warpin Message:

The Triglavian Collective has deployed personnel to a number of locations across New Eden, all once the locations of the mysterious cataclysmic events that precipitated the reopening of Anoikis, better known as Wormhole space, to the people of New Eden.

Available information indicates that the Collective is referring to this site as a “Faded Porevitium Trace”, and is actively monitoring the lingering effects of local spacetime perturbations theorized to have been caused by the exotic material known as Isogen-5.

Present infrastructure could include LCO versions of the Triglavian Fermion Monitor, or other small Triglavian structures, as well as Triglavian NPCs.

Other decoration could include a debris cloud or some sort of blue glow, maybe some non-traversable spatial rifts or violent wormholes, and perhaps some very small parts of rogue drone or station wreckage.

The sites would be able to be the same across the board, but the one in T-IPZB could have a small extra feature: a small part of LCO Abaddon wreckage.

Sites would be located in close proximity to Planet I in each system.

Seyllin I, 3HQC-6 I, T-IPZB I, SL-YBS I, EAWE-2 I, Z8-81T I, and 35-RK9 I are Shattered Planets.

5-CSE3 I, Y0-BVN I, and R79-I7 I are by all indications the other three locations of Isogen-5 Caches, but do not have shattered innermost planets; these could be explained (if necessary at all) as those caches not being filled as much as the others.


I would like to see a concert arena/hall. You could describe it as where the cluster wide famous musical group Permaband first played, or played last, depending on how you wanted the background story told.

We have t-shirts and skins for Permaband. Why not an arena?

Permaband has contributed enormously to EVE. T-shirts and skins are good; but their own version of Elvis’s Graceland or the Beetles’s Liverpool would be worth a visit.


Ok, work is actually done for the day and I can dig through my notes a little bit more fully.

First off, the various suggestions here have all been great, but I do want to specifically call out a few of them for added endorsement (or special disendorsement, as I do in 3):

  1. I would LOVE to see Ginnungagap from Konora, A+ suggestion @Arsia_Elkin.
  2. Basically everything that @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci has ever said or, frankly, ever will say in this thread I’m just going to assume is great, including his endorsement/addition to @Hirmuolio_Pine’s Jovian station in Curse.
  3. Please, @Chribba, no, I’d be incredibly sad to have to update my blog post on you :frowning:
  4. I can’t find who originally said this, but one of the secret construction sites of the Elder fleet would also be really cool.

With that out of the way, it turns out I don’t have a ton much more to add over what’s already been said. But a couple of additional ideas:

-Some wreck/memorial to the Iapetan titans (kinda related to @DutchGunner’s suggestion, I guess, since I believe the Molyneux was potentially one of those). I know titans kind of run amuck in nullsec these days, but there is nothing like seeing a truly colossal vessel (particularly if it’s easily accessible). In my experience, its these kinds of ships that can really draw out the sightseers, particularly those of us who don’t normally get involved in nullsec.
-Memorial to the Youil cruiser. Given it’s prominence, I have to think that it’s been preserved somewhere, and particularly given the prominence in recent years thanks to the Youil festival, I think this would be a fairly simple site that could be put together.

Also, a few more pie-in-the-sky, I-admit-they’re-unlikely-to-happen ideas:
-I would ADORE some more development of New Eden/the Eve Gate. Let us get closer, dang it! I’d even just take a Sisters of Eve research station in system!
-I still want to see what the QA Space Pig Dungeon is in U8MM-3 (in the CCP dev region of UUA-4), even if its just for a blog post :-p

I’ll keep thinking about this over the next few days, and will post any additional ideas as they come to me. Either way, I’m super excited to see what you guys can come up with!

And look, I didn’t even say anything about the Children of Light.


Add a wreck of the PL titan that died in Amamake to faction warfare corps in 2012, something not really considered possible at the time.
Eve Online - Militia noobs kill PL titan in their home system. - YouTube

Something to commemorate Tama and Amamake top asteroid belts as prime pvp areas of the bygone era.


Not certain exactly what to propose, but definitely a memorial in FWS to memorialize the record-shattering battle there is in order.

Lots of good stuff already so I will just throw out there:

OMS Gate

Eanna (Hror VI) https://fiction.eveonline.com/stories/short-stories/theodicy

The sites of the the Seyllin Incident. (Seyllin, SL-YBS, 3HQC-6 and 35-RK9, 5-CSE3, Y0-BVN and R79-I7)


From a newbro to the lore and with a slight Gallente bias some I can think of:

  • Reschard V Disaster: An Avatar’s Doomsday weapon struck Reschard V and wiped out ~90% of all life on the planet. (Reschard System)

  • Kador Invasion of Ratillose: Amarr Heir Uriam Kador invaded the Ratillose system in Solitude and was defeated by the Federation Navy. (Ratillose System)

  • Federation Invasion of Kador Prime: Federation Navy counterattack against Kador for the invasion of Solitude and to capture turncoat Admiral Anvent Eturrer. (Perhaps as a related site to the above one) (Kador Prime System)

Also seconding:

  • Seyllin Incident monument.
  • Colelie Battle monument.
  • Intaki Occupation monument.

Finally, I’m just now realising that there are a lot of battlefields, graveyards and memorials around New Eden.