New Mining and Indy corp recruiting

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Devilicious Solitude.

We are High sec corporation . EU time zone.

All are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New or Returning. The person is more important than the SP.

Some of what we offer:

  • Mining Ops
  • PVE Training and assistance
  • New pilots and returning ones are welcome
  • Moon mining
  • Reprocessing and Manufacturing with 0% taxes
  • Buyback program for Ore , Ice and PI

PVP players are also most welcome .

  1. Real Life comes first.
  2. Members are expected to be civilized in their behavior towards all, as representatives of this corporation, and to interact with all other members.
  3. Dedication, loyalty, and maturity are desired. The person behind the character is important.

Corp Public Channel:


Interested in a returning miner? Have retriever and miasmos. slowly training towards Orca. Count Zero Reset.


Are you folks still recruiting? Currently have 5 accounts, all in Macs and Hulks, and my main in an Orca.

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