New Omega looking for a low/null/w-space Corp

Hey there.

I’m a fairly new player who recently upgraded to Omega status. I’ve fiddled around in hi-sec for a little while, but I’m looking to fully commit to life in scary space, where I can make some decent ISK, participate in some pvp, and make a difference in a corp in general.

I only have about 500,000 SP right now, so I probably won’t be a big help in the beginning. But I’m looking for an active and friendly group of folks who I can team up with in low/null/w-space and have fun :slight_smile:

I’m keen to explore all parts of EVE; Mining, industry, pvp, and definitely exploration! I just don’t want to do it alone!

P.S. I should mention i’m in an Australia TZ.

Hey, I believe we have what you’re looking for. I run a C4 C3-C4 WH corp that you might be interested in checking out. We are industry oriented, with PvP as our secondary focus.
Shoot me a mail ingame @ Joey Aele and we can see if you’re the right fit for us :slight_smile:

HI Maalik! Congratulations on upgrading to Omega :slight_smile: Gonna be great

If you’re looking for an active but intimate nullsec experience, I offer to the Capitalist Army. We’re in the NPC 0.0 region known as Great Wildlands. GW was previously untapped, untamed space until CCP added Citadels. Now it’s populated by several small PVP alliances and we’re in the middle of it supplying and sparring them all!

We’ve launched a nullsec trade hub in N-6Z and fully furnished the system with everything a miner, explorer, and PVPer needs. We roam out of this system into other parts of GW and nearby sovereign space in search of ratters to kill and enjoyable small gang fights. N-6 itself has a number of choice moons and some of the best ice in the game for you to harvest for ISK. And thanks to the market, you have all the convenience of empire space without sacrificing any of the danger and fun.

I play AUS TZ along with 2 other west coast US players and a purebred Aussy mining machine. Europeans and other US players will often join us on weekends or for very important ops. We’re quite active and looking for quality pilots to grow with us.

If you’re interested, join our Discord and ask to be invited to a fleet! Happy to answer any questions you may have.

[.l2p.] You’re Dead Fool is looking for YOU

We aim to be a chill, relaxed, PvP oriented Corporation flying under the Banner of the “Warped Intentions” Alliance that is part of the Legacy Coalition. We try to take every fight we can and have a “shoot first, think later” mentality. We roam around lot in every part of New Eden, forming in our Alliance Home or Jita. Usually we do Small Gang and/or Nanogang Fleets in Alliance on almost a Daily Basis. If you are into Bigger Fleets and/or Capital PvP you can Participate the Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets.

What we offer:
• Almost Daily Roams
• Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets/OPs
• Alliance Level Capital PvP
• Safe Space for Ratting and Mining
• Relaxed and tight knit Community

What we require:
• Friendly attitude
• Omega clone state
• Working Mic
• Loki trained / in training

Bonus points for:
• FAX/Dread alts
• Scouts/Dictor alts
• Logi V

If you feel we might be a good fit for you hit us up on our Discord or Meassage one of our Recruiters in game:

EU tz: Gallente Citizen 93502323
US tz: Gralek Mena / Xentriq
AU tz: 3xAWarpNinja Hilanen

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