New Oracles recruiting!

Hello Capsuleer,
New Oracles is a newly formed Industry focused corporation based in Null Sec. We are actively recruiting both new players and veterans. Our goal is to create more than just another Null Corp, we are building a community. We would love for you to be part of it. Our leadership team is stacked with level-headed EVE veterans who are experienced in all aspects of EVE and willing to help.
We offer:
New player help
Daily Mining Fleets
Moon Mining
Ship Replacement Program
Ore Buyback
Free Procurers and Ventures
Jump Freighter Service
Tatara Refinery and Azbel Manufacturing Facility

Must join New Oracles Discord server

***In an effort to rapidly expand the corporation – New Oracles is offering a 25M ISK signing bonus to the first 100 recruits. Message Matt Zero or T0PDOLLAR in game or in Discord to collect payment.

Join NOC27 Recruiting in game to chat with a recruiter.

or you can message me on discord Wraithe#5582

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