New-pilot looking for the high-sec industrial corp

Hi, there. I’ve just arrived EVE for a week or over, which means am fairly noob player. NEED AN ADVISER!!

Most of the time in the space, I usually mine ore things or look for WH to harvest valuable gas. (Maybe more time in WH) But I’m not sure about that I’m doing well and wanna ops with other pilots.

So, it will be cool for me if who suggest me a nice corp which can lead me for efficient ore mining/gas harvesting ops in high-sec. FYI: AU TZ, prefer small corp, easygoing person.

If you know the corp which fits me, send me an evemail or just reply on this post. :slight_smile:

Fly Safe Always guys

If you’re prepared to leave the dangers of High Sec behind, you might be interested in joining Bootstrap Mining…

We are Real Life friendly and live in NPC null. We have PVE / Industrial (as some PVP) opportunities. We are highly active in all timezones and have dedicated support for new pilots including skill plans, new pilot help channel, and just a generally supportive environment. Our AUTZ group is very engaged and runs active operations most days

If you’re interested, there’s more information here:

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