New Pirate Corp. Recruiting PvP focused players

Preta. Is opening its doors to both new and veteran players that have a keen desire for non stop PvP.

Our aim is to establish an experienced crew of avid and skilled players that are focused on solo, but can fleet up to disperse FW blobs when required. We operate as a single unit, haul in ships to warzones for you and will teach you fellow masochists how to get into eve pvp.

We do what we want, and when we want to. No bureaucracy.

If your keen on joining and flying with us please message: ara5 in game.

If you are a veteran player with experience on how to bootstrap a corp, we could use all the help we can as its a new endeavor for us.

Preta. | Corporation | zKillboard

We base out of The Citadel Region and intend being active across FW space as neutrals, for more blues.

Thank you.


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I have sent you an imgame message


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