New player and capacitor

I’m new and a little lost. During the Battle of the Ruins in the tutorial my capacitor ran out. I don’t know how to recharge or replace it. Obviously I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone advise me?

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Welcome to EVE.

Here is a slideshow from E-Uni that will explain the concept, properties, and fundamentals of your capacitor:

And here is the course material that goes along with that slide deck:

Essentially, the capacitor is the power unit that powers what are called “active modules” in your ship. This includes things like afterburners, some types of weapons, repair/recharge units, and some categories of defensive modules.

The capacitor has a finite amount of charge and using these modules will consume “cap”. The capacitor will recharge over time (similar to your shield) if these modules are deactivated. There is much, much more detail in the presentation above.

Cap management is a very important concept in the game since, if you run out, you cannot use any active modules or engage warp and essentially become a sitting duck.

Take a look at that link, and if you have additional questions, please let us know.



The capacitor will recharge on its own. However, the recharge rate depends on your current capacitor level. When it drops below 25%, the recharge rate will go down sharply and if you’re completely empty, the first bit of charge will take quite a while to trickle in.

In general, you want to keep your capacitor at or above 25% capacity, disabling modules where needed to conserve capacitor.


Capacitor skills are one of first skills that you should train to lvl5 :wink:
Those are:
Capacitor Management
Capacitor System Operation


If he’s an alpha, He can only train to 4 or 3. and there’s 3 cap skills in the alpha clone list
|Capacitor Emission Systems ~ Train to |4|
|Capacitor Management ~ Train to |4|
|Capacitor Systems Operation ~ Train to |3|

Either way, you wanna get these if you’re an alpha to these numbers, or to 5 if you are Omega.

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There are several modules that will very quickly drain your cap when they activated for a longer period of time. These include your microwarpdrive, and shield/armor reps.

There rarely is a need to keep these modules activated constantly though. You use the WMD for one or two cycles to quickly cover some distance but then you turn it off as it increases the damage you take due to increased signature size. You use the reps for a single cycle every so often to repair some damage. Running them when you have no, or very little, damage is a waste of cap.

I don’t see the purpose of training Capacitor Emission Systems at all if he won’t be running fleets as cap logi :thinking:

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Neuts and Nosferatus need this skill, too.
With my most recent Alt I tried to neut Dagan in a Dragoon instead of just DPS, so I had to train Cap Emission Systems. It was tough bread though, I think it took at least 10 minutes…

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