So… why is there no skills that reduce the impact of capacitor warfare? Or the ability of overheating the capacitor of a ship? same function as modules, if u overheat to much either your ship blows up or is left on a limbo on the space. But I think there should besoemwhat of mechanic that increases the skill in PVP/PVE regarding capacitor usage

what do you talking ?

there are skills to upgrade your capacitor ! this reduce the impact of cap warfare !
why do you need to overheat it ?
since when is it possible to heat passive modules like a cap battery or capacitor flux coils or other cap modules ? and if its an active module like cap booster then you can overheat it !

if you need more cap then use implants or increase your skills !

Since when passive modules have a value that changes depending on the situation? and are not a static buff?

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The Energy Upgrades skill allows your ship to make use of Cap Battery modules that heavily reduce* the impact of capacitor warfare against your ship.
*(Capacitor warfare resistance bonus of up to 28% per module in case of Thukker batteries)

The Capacitor Management skill increases your ship’s overall energy capacity, which due to the nature of capacitor regeneration also increases your peak recharge rate. This means the skill increases the time it takes for hostile capacitor warfare modules to suck your ship empty, but also makes it harder for them to do so.

The Capacitor Systems Operation skill allows you to use Capacitor Booster modules, which are a more active defensive alternative to the Cap Battery modules in capacitor warfare. Even under massive capacitor pressure you could keep your modules running if you time your cap injections well.

The capacitor of your ship is just a resource, not an active module, so you cannot overheat it as overheating in EVE only works on modules.

You can however demand more of your capacitor by overheating certain modules, like (remote) armor repair modules or (remote) shield boosters. Those modules require a lot of capacitor to activate, and overheating these modules decreases their cycle time, which can empty your capacitor a lot faster.

Another nice trick to get a bit more out of your capcitor is to do drugs:

Mindflood - “allows the pilot to control his ship more instinctively and expend less energy in doing so. This in turn lets the ship utilize more of its resources for mechanical functions, most notably its capacitor, rather than constantly having to compensate for the usual exaggerated motions of a stressed pilot.”

Just be careful when you do drugs: they may have side-effects.


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passive module dont have any variable values ! so they arent able to overheat and shouldnt !

I think most likely they didn’t bother with it because the capacitor recharger it’s not active module and if they wanted to make it active and cycle in order to be overheated what is the point then you’re going to have it running continuously it just doesn’t make sense , so they didn’t bother doing anything with it .
About the Skill it makes sense to provide some capacitor protection from EW just for the heck of it wouldn’t be a big deal , if you realize that few years ago they provided skills to increase the strength of the targeting gravometric or lateral and now they increase the strength of the EW against them to balance for the increase they did in the past so don’t get all frustrated about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face::partying_face:

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