Is there a module to increase capacitor?

I know there is a module that improves the ships power grid but is there a similar module that improves the capacitor?

Cap Battery and Power Diagnostic System increase the overall capacitor capacity, and Cap Recharger, Power Diagnostic System, Capacitor Flux Coils (at the cost of cap capacity), Capacitor Power Relay (at the cost of shield boost amount) the recharge rate.


^ In addition to all those, you can use Capacitor Boosters to inject consumable cap boosters for extra capacitor into your ship.


there is also skills in engineering and other groups that increase CAP, CAP regen, decrease module CAP use.

so look at what skills you have, what ships you’re flying and the fits you’re using, and the combo of what the others have already post and your skills will help fit CAP issues.

also look at your fit and simulate it with active modules you’d normally have running to see where your CAP issues are, never have ever module active as 9 out of 10 times you’ll never be in that mode.

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and don’t forget about implants like the EO-603.

There are also meta variants of various mods that use less cap. For example, an enduring MWD will use much less cap than it’s T2 counterpart.

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Just use cheap high-grade rapture set.

A good guide to all things capacitor including modules and other details is (as always) Eve University.


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