Need help applying shield mods to my Alpha ship

Note sure how to find the right topic to ask this but; I can’t install shield mods, booster, or repair mods, to my Galante ships with out over loading the capacitor. Is this a Galante ship issue? I have the requirements or the mod would not come on-line when fitted. What am I missing?


So here is the thing about the capacitor and the fitting window…

  • the fitting window is assuming that all modules will be “on” / “active”… so it will calculate how long your capacitor will last under that circumstance.
    Generally speaking, you will not have all your modules on at the same time. So the time for the capacitor to be depleted will be higher.

  • if you do run out of capacitor power, your modules will turn off. That is all. You can still warp (albeit for a small distance and if you are not being “disrupted”) and your capacitor will eventually charge back up.

  • fitting a ship to be “capacitor stable” is difficult. Fitting a ship to be “capacitor stable” without making large tradeoffs in performance is extremely difficult.
    Generally speaking, almost all ships built with performance in mind will not be “capacitor stable.” This applies doubly so for ships fitted for PvP.
    Instead, people learn to micromanage their modules… learning when to use a repair module and when not to. When to use an Afterburner or MicroWarpdrive and when not to. They use tactics other than raw stats and numbers to mitigate damage and maximize their own (see: range tanking, kiting).
    This eases the burden on the capacitor (see first point).

And when all else fails… install a Cap Booster Module and fit it with the biggest cap battery that will squeeze in it. :slight_smile:


I should also note that Gallente ships are typically armor tanked. :wink:


Ships have the following limitations:

  1. Numbers of slots. If you don’t have spare med slots you can’t install med. slot modules like shield stuff.

  2. Power Grid, CPU. All of the stuff that you put on the ship has to also fit within the ship’s limited power and CPU. There are only 2 skills that increase these limits (for all your ships): Power Grid Management, CPU Management. Train them both to max asap, so you can fit bigger stuff in your ship.

2a. It is assumed, but not clearly stated, that you will fit the appropriate size modules to the appropriate size of ship. That means “small” “light” or “1mn/5mn” modules or 125mm weapons fitted to “small” ships like frigates and destroyers. “Medium,” 250mm weapons, 400mm armor plates, 10/50 mn, fitted to cruisers and battlecruisers, and finally “large”, 100/500mn, and 800+ mm weapons fitted to battleships.

The thing is, if you don’t pay attention to the spec that says how much power or CPU a module or weapon requires, you may end up installing a cruiser module on a frigate ship. Sometimes this is possible, the frigate ship will have enough power and CPU to install that one cruiser-sized module, but at the expense of being unable to fit anything else to the ship.

So look at your afterburner and the size and power requirements of the shield stuff you’ve already installed, see if you’ve maybe installed something that’s too big.

In addition to the power things above, most combat ships will have small CPUs, and most industrial or electronics modules (like mining lasers, probe launchers, salvagers, tractor beams, cloaking devices, electronic warfare modules) require A LOT of CPU. Only the ships that are intended specifically for mining, electronic jamming, etc., will have the extra CPU required to fit this stuff. It’s the devs’ way of controlling and balancing what we do with the ships.

So, TLDR, pay attention to the size and power requirements of the stuff you fit, and match it to the size of the ship. And for electronic or industry modules, you’ll probably need to use the electronics or mining ships to have enough CPU to fit things.


Whilst it’s possible to put together an effective cap-stable fit for many ships in eve, it’s not always absolutely needed (and sometimes impossible).

There’s 2 things that mostly affect Cap displays in the fitting tool

  • Capacitor Amount (Mid Slot Items + Rigs)
  • Capacitor Recharge Speed (Low + Mid Slot Items + Rigs)

If your Cap will last more than 4-5 minutes that’s generally more than enough for many pve activities
A Cap life of 4-5 seconds can be fairly standard for a pvp fit.

Generally Gallente ships armour tank
This frees up the mid slots for tracking modules, afterburners and other fun stuff

If you give us more information, we can give better answers
What ship, what modules, what activity etc etc …


Great detail, thanks this helps.

Good to know, I could apply my ISK to armor.

Thanks Kitty, I should have provided details on what I’m trying to fit. I’ll do that next time.


Something else not mentioned here.

In general, and I do mean in a broad general sense shield tank modules are more cap intensive than armor tank modules. Especially on Gallente and Amarr ships if cap is an issue go back to the simulator or fit tool and try an armor tank instead and see if it works out better cap wise.

In PvE activities there is little difference in most situations between an armor tank and a shield tank it is more a matter of personal preference. In PvP and especially in fleet PvP armor versus shields can be critical. Armor in a shield fleet or shields in an armor fleet simply does not end well and that is assuming the FC will even allow you in if you have the wrong tank set up.

You did not mention PvE or PvP use so for this portion I am speaking about PvE activities like running missions or combat sites you have scanned down and what follows is my personal ideas on this.

As a new player starting into missions etc, I prefer cap stable or as close to it as possible and I prefer a new player to be over tanked. Why, well I have never had someone rage quit because it took an extra 10 minutes to complete a mission but I have had them rage quit because they lost a ship in their first few missions at the next higher level. Also being cap stable and over tanked allows them to spend more time looking and learning about the new level missions and less time worrying about cap or taking to much damge. The extra cap and tank also serve as protection against messing up triggers especially in early level 4 missions. That and it is easier and cheaper to change a fit to have more DPS and less tank than it is to replace a ship because not enough tank or capacitor. With that out of the way my mission character does have ships I fly in level 4 missions all the time that have less than 2 minutes of capacitor, you simply pulse tank these fits to make them work. Pulse tank refers to leaving your rep / booster turned off and allow damage to build while you regenerate cap, then rep the damage and repeat the process.

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Thanks, I have been trying to fit shield extender / boosters to a Galente frigates in simulator mode but just the shield mod it self kills the capacitor. I have not tried different armor mod other then the civilian modules.


Typically but I keep my vexor shield tanked so I can have drone damage mods. Plus you may need to train up your power management and engineering skills

I’m a alpha too. What ship are you having trouble with? In the fitting window, try turning off micro Warp drive or afterburner, and when in space just give it 2 cycles to keep proper distance then turn it off.

yeah their ships for armor but if you want to do more damage you have to go for Shield

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