Module Capacity Usage

I note module attributes list how much power grid and CPU will be utilised when fitted to a ship however I’ve not been able to locate a ‘capacitor utilisation’ number I can compare across similar modules. I know pyfa lists cap usage however one has to trial fit the module before its listed.

My reason for the information is to select modules for better cap stability - important in PVE given the longer engagements compared to PVP.

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You need to check the “activation cost” in one of the tab… Can’t remember which tab, maybe attribute tab, but not sure. I think it’s the second one starting from the left.

In the compare tool , check the “activation cost” box.

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Great, and thanks.

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Activation cost + cycle time if I might add.

This matters because for example:
30gj / 9s is 3,3gj per second
50gj / 12s is 4,2gj per second

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also note there are skills, implants, rigs, and ship bonuses that can change the cap use or duration of modules.

I suggest using a fitting tool like pyfa, it will tell you all those kinda things.


Yes, I’m using pyfa to set up a fit for the new freebie Praxis. This ship has plenty of grid available but tight on cap. With a shield booster active it’s got 2.32 mins of cap left.

Not a PVP issue but I’m running PVE at the moment.

Until the helpful people here replied, I was unaware that activation cost = cap usage.

I’ve got most of my cap related skills up to 4 or 5.


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Learn to pulse things like mwd, shield booster and armor repper to keep the cap up. Also, use a cap booster if your fit allows.

Missiles and arty dont use cap to fire. Hybrids and lasers can eat through your cap quickly. The praxis hull has bonuses for all weapon types.

Striving for a stable cap is fools errand in pve or pvp.

Side note, I keep running out of cpu on my praxi (praxises?) fits.

I’ve read that yes, for PVP a stable cap is not essential and certainly for short PVE missions you can say the same. I’ve read however (and experienced) that when confronted by blob after blob of aggressive NPCs in some missions a stable cap is a good thing.

Here is a Praxis fit I’m playing with you can try. It’s not my fit so no point asking me much about it. You should be able to copy and import this into PYFA.
rig slot 0,Large Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I,null,
low slot 0,Damage Control II,null,
low slot 1,Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System,null,
low slot 2,C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System,null,
low slot 3,Drone Damage Amplifier II,null,
low slot 4,Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier,null,
rig slot 1,Large Capacitor Control Circuit II,null,
med slot 0,100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner,null,
med slot 1,Large Micro Jump Drive,null,
med slot 2,Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery,null,
med slot 3,Domination X-Large Shield Booster,null,
med slot 4,Adaptive Invulnerability Field II,null,
med slot 5,Adaptive Invulnerability Field II,null,
rig slot 2,Large Processor Overclocking Unit I,null,
hi slot 0,Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,null,
hi slot 1,Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,null,
hi slot 2,Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,null,
hi slot 3,Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,null,
hi slot 4,Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,null,
hi slot 5,Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,null,
low slot 5,‘Dyad’ Co-Processor I,null,
med slot 6,Omnidirectional Tracking Link II,null,
hi slot 6,Drone Link Augmentor II,null,
low slot 6,Missile Guidance Enhancer II,null,
drone bay,Hobgoblin II,5,
cargo,Nova Fury Light Missile,120,

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try exporting fits in the EFT format, it’s much more readable. Also you probably don’t want to be using rapid lights.

and yea that’s what I do with most of my fits. Most missions don’t even need the cap booster, but it’s there for safety.

but that’s also because I have high skills, high dps, and can melt NPCs before they become a problem. At low SP it can take a lot longer to kill most NPCs, and a lot of people trade damage for tank, and it kinda just makes the problem worse, but fixes it too.

Despite being an Amarr character I have better missile skills than turret skills at the moment hence the rapid lights. I started with lower skills with in an Arbitrator. My Drone skills are high and I tend to kite NPC blobs with drones and use the lights on individual NPCs that get too close.

I base my choice of rapid lights on this article:

I do have the skills to run tech 1 mega beam lasers but am concerned at how they will track frigate blobs.

I’m running the mission set The Blockade, Level 2 and the main reason for the Praxis is that the agent recommended a tanked BS for one of the stages.

Here is the PYFA fit I have now in EFT format. Gives me 65.6k EHP and 1890 DPS (volley)

Praxis, Shield Praxis]

Damage Control II
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System
Shield Power Relay II
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
‘Dyad’ Co-Processor I
Missile Guidance Enhancer II

Shadow Serpentis 100MN Afterburner
Large Micro Jump Drive
EM Ward Field II
Thermal Dissipation Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Nova Fury Light Missile
Drone Link Augmentor II

Large Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I
Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II

Hobgoblin II x5

Bling is ok for missions as long as you can afford it. Tank for the mission. That way you can have much better resists and can gently cycle your repper/shield booster to save on cap and never worry about warping out a buffer fit ship should you get distracted in RL.

If its a Lvl II mission, unless youre using one launcher per rat to kill fast, a BS is way over kill. A Gnosis would serve you much better, can fit RLMLs, and has a faster lock time than a BS while having the flexibility of fits like the Praxi hulls.

Another thing to remember is that fitting apps sometimes may show all modules active so you’ll want to be more selective of which modules are actually active.

Your fit has both MJD and Afterburner listed yet in reality only one of those would be active at a time.

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Yes, this fit with afterburner on, I have 7 mins cap and off I’m cap stable. I’ve not used a microwarp drive before so if I can use it effectively to pop out of NPC range when needed and then pop back in, I could possibly dispense with it. Then again, the Praxis must be one of the slowest ships in Eve. With afterburner off I get 86.3 m a second with it on I get 223 m sec.

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Hi Nico,
Yes, apart from the rigs, which are EM and Thermal, I’ll replace the mid slot resists depending on the NPC damage type Eve Survival advises.

It was a toss up (with my knowledge) between the Gnosis and the Praxis. Thanks to the 15th anniversary I have both and will also set up the Gnosis and see how they compare.

Well, that’s just a matter of skill’s needing to be trained up. I plugged your fit into EFT and I get different stats, for example I don’t need to use a Co-Processor module due to having max skills and I get 267 m/s using just a 100mm Afterburner II.

You might wanna look into getting Hardwiring Implants to help boost basic ship stats, that way you can usually fill ship slots with other mods instead of modules to help fitting.

I think having Omni shield resistance stats is better, don’t have to worry about swapping out mods all the time.

Also Power Diagnostic System modules help Shield fits a lot, the module not only adds more Powergrid, it also adds more Shield HP’s with faster Shield recharge and increases Capacitor amount with faster Capacitor recharge.

Personally I’d fit the ship a different way, such as replace the 6 RLML’s with HML’s and place a Dual 425MM Autocannon II in the high slots. Basically do long range kite action and use the Autocannon with Light Drones to take out any Ewar NPC’s that get in close. I’d also replace the Hydraulic Bay Thruster II rig with a Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I rig to increase missile damage.

Anyway, here’s your fit with just a few little changes. By the way, those Implants is what I currently have on my character, I suggest getting implants that specifically help your character.

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Thank you for taking the time with my fit. I’ve got a mix of skills most approaching IVs and Vs but some of the key skills I still need will take months to train. I have used skill injectors from time to time but they become expensive.

I’ve only built the Praxis in PYFA so far so I’m not tied to anything.

By the way, do you have any comment on the RLML guide I linked earlier? It makes quite a pitch for them.

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No, I didn’t check it out.

I use RLML’s at times but mainly as a supplemental weapon to help take out Ewar NPC’s that get in under my main weapon system - Autocannons. RLML’s give good damage application but have a long reload time which in my opinion isn’t that good for a main weapon system.

Anyway, here’s the fit with the HML’s. I could probably get a better fit if I spent more time on it.

Note that that article is heavily PVP based, missile application is also an issue in PVE although typical it’s a bit easier to apply in PVE as many ships are slower and/or fatter than PVP fit player ships. You also probably have more room for application mods or rigs, than most of the ships fit for pvp. Furthermore the Praxis has a great drone bonus to wreck any small ships your missiles don’t apply well to, so maxing out missile damage for the medium-large sized NPCs makes sense.

Also look at the bonuses on the Praxis: “25% Bonus to Heavy Missile Cruise Missile and Torpedo damage” Your light missiles aren’t getting any damage bonus. In general I suggest fitting to the bonuses of a ship,

So you are using a lv2 agent and they gave you a mission called “The Blockade” is that right?

honestly I’d love to see a screenshot of the mission description as a lv2 agent suggesting a battleship just seems all sorts of wrong. I usually recommend cruiser hulls for lv2 missions, some even think that’s overkill and recommend destroyers.

I don’t worry too much about EHP for pve ships, pretty much every size appropriate ship has enough EHP. I typically look at the sustained tank. Pyfa has it as recharge rates right under the EHP and damage type selection.

And I assume that 1890 is your volley. Volley is the damage all your weapons do at once, although with missiles and drones there is going to be some delay so it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to look at. DPS is volley divided by rate of fire and this is the number I usually try to maximize.

Now for the fit. It mostly makes sense, but is kinda all over the place.

Damage control, not very useful on a pve shield fit, I’d probably replace it with something else.
Damage mods (CN BCU, c3-x, IN DDA) decent choice, but if you are only using hobgoblins I don’t know that I’d use the IN DDA, probably replace with another c3-x or a CN BCU. Using sentry or heavy drones the DDA would make more sense.
Missile Guidance Enhancer, questionable benefit, the range bonus is probably helpful but the application bonus probably doesn’t help much.
co-proc, the fitting slot is probably needed unless you have high fitting skills.
Shield power relay, just having one doesn’t really do much, you typically need a few and/or shield recharge rigs to make it work, then some extenders in the mids to buff shield HP. And passive tanking doesn’t really work all that great on BS hulls anyways, and especially on the Praxis which has pretty low shield HP to start with, and a lower than average shield recharge time.

100mn AB, LMJD dual prop can pretty useful, although for lv2 missions I probably wouldn’t use the MJD. I’d probably just use a single MWD.
shield hardeners, probably needed, but using 4 is probably overkill. I’d probably swap to 2-3 hardeners and a shield booster.
Tracking link, depends on what drones you are using. I usually only use these with sentry drones. if you are using small drones only probably better to go with a drone nav comp so they can move around faster, or just drop the drone mod for something else

Rapid lights, pretty good all around missiles for a cruiser hull, I wouldn’t use them on a BS
Drone link augmentor, Usually I don’t like these, but at low SP or alpha they may be useful to extend drone range. And like the tracking link, if you are only using light drones it’s probably not that useful. I only really use these with sentries.

Resist rigs, I wouldn’t use them on a pve BS. A few fits they make sense due to resist holes, but with 7 mids you have enough slots to swap hardeners around to specific tank missions
Missile speed rig, Can be useful but kinda depends on the rest of the fit.


For what you seem to be doing you might be better off in a gila. RLML go great on one, and it does a ton of drone damage. You can probably fit a whole gila for less than the cost of fittings of the praxis fit you posted. Might also do well in a gnosis.

If you want to stick with the Praxis a specific fit would depend on your skills. There’s another forum thread here with fits, but I haven’t flown any of them, honestly they all pretty much look like bad rattlesnake fits.


Usually I agree 100% with what you post.

However I’m surprised to find myself disagreeing with most of what you just wrote…

I’m not going to dissect it all, I’ll just hit on a few points.

Damage Control, definitely a must have item for PvE fit. It raises resistance on shield, armor and hull. In fact anything that raises the resistance stats of the ship is good.

Passive Tanking on Battleship is fine and increasing the shield recharge is actually fairly easy when the ship has high resistance stats.

Shield Hardeners, once again, anything that increases resistance stats is a good thing, especially if it creates Omni Resistance. However I’d first look at fitting mid slots with propulsion and shield mods before using those slots to fit up Hardeners.

Rigs, in my opinion using those to buff resistance as well as shield or cap recharge is paramount because it allows the option to change out modules when needed.

Hi Chainsaw,
Apologies for the late reply - my wife had me locked in a room until I finished painting it.

I’ll study your suggestions and get back to you with any questions.

I’m an Amarr character with good drone and missile skills and have trained Caldari Cruiser skills up to level II. Adding Gallente skills to operate the Gila will only take a day, so I’ll add them to my training queue.
Thanks again, Kevin