New player AUTZ

Hey there guys i have downloaded eve many times over its life cycle but never found a meaning to play the game but as elite dangerous has fallen in the hole im looking for a new space game and i think eve will scratch my itch i have very minimal experience in the game and im looking for a new player friendly corp to give me a bit of hands on trianing not just go google that or watch a video on how to play it hopefully someone replys thank you for your time hopefully hear from someone soon

Come check out the United Standings Improvement Agency (USIA).

We are primarily a PVE hisec missioning corp, with some dips into null for those who want pirate standings.
We are new player friendly in that we can help guide you not just in PVE but in some other capacity as well (not just USIA members are in our discord).

Our discord link is found in our services link below.
There is also no need to join our corp, since we are more service based, in case you have found another corp already.

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