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Midnight Sun Inc. is a small but growing wormhole based corporation that is looking for more members from all kinds of capsuleers. In Midnight Sun player always comes before the game. This means that we respect your real-life commitments.

At the moment we operate from a C4 wormhole with a static connections to C2 and C5. This means that we never run out of things to do.

We are mainly EU TZ corporation but have hopes to grow our US presence. So do not be alarmed if you are from the new continent, we are expanding and need your help.

What are we looking for?

  • Capsuleers interested in PvP
  • Capsuleers with some experience of EvE in general. No wormhole experience needed.
  • Willingness to learn new things

What do we provide?

  • Friendly, mature and relaxed group that is always willing to help out.
  • Teamspeak for communication.
  • Regular wormhole sites
  • Gas and ore mining fleets
  • Small gang PvP fleets
  • Larger scale PvP fleets with our alliance
  • Help to get you started with whatever it is you like to do, be it shooting at rocks or other capsuleers

Got you interested? Good. Please send a message to Neshlea or Alonzo Alvarez for recruitment in game or if you have any questions you can also join our public channel in game MI-SU Pub

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still open for new recruits

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