Looking for a WH Corp

Hi, I’m looking for a smaller Wormhole Corp.
What I’m exactly looking for is:

  • A Wormhole Corp based in Thera or with a High Sec Static
  • Alpha friendly
  • PvP
  • Gas Harvesting
  • Exploration
  • A nice community
  • EU timezone

Please note that I also have a real life

Hi manason…

i wrote to you ingame with a bit different proposal.

let hope you find it interesting

take care


Hey Novas.

We are a real life first (Newbro/Alpha) friendly group, We do lots of mining, pvp and really anything you can think of as well we do have a high sec static which interested you, reach out ingame or in discord

Send a mail to Riehl Trouble or join ingame recruitment " Canadian Forces Recruitment "


Join corporation discord https://discord.gg/ZzWmB8Nv and ping @Riehl_Trouble

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