New player LF PVP corp

I am looking for pvp crop that does lot of fleet battle ,i have some exp in fleet battle ,prefer crop living in low sec and EU / ASIA time zone ,willing to join if it a new crop with active players


Hello, ash. I run a small corp and do a few small gang things in lowsec. My crop lives inside lowsec. Ships available and we have a mentoring program if you’re interested in less fleet and more manual piloting and micro managed piloting.

Though we are mostly Pacific tz, we fly the early hours sometimes. Recruitment add below. Take care. Fly well.

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Hey Boss!

Still here? Holy ■■■■!

It’s a tight knit group of adults with real lives. Most are married, and just look forward to working together/shooting the poop with a bunch of other turbo nerds after work.

They prefer 21+, but that’s not immediately disqualifying.

Either way, I would appreciate it if you could let me know what you think.

Come say Hello on Discord!

Best of luck in New Eden. Live, Die, and Live Again!

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Hey Ash! You sound like you would be a good fit for Alwar Fleet, a relatively small corp that is EU heavy and lives in Lowsec and Nullsec, and is part of the Gallente Militia. There’s fleets available all the time and we have people willing to help you out.

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to join our Discord here:

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If null is a possibility to you, come check brittas empire out. I’ll send you an eve mail o7

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sent you in game mail

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