New player looking for a corp

I’m a rather new player still learning the ropes of EVE online. I just finished the tutorial, and currently piloting the Venture mining ship. Willing to be trained as a miner, trader, producer etc. but would really like to learn PvP combat. I’m a sucker for the large scale conflict on EVE that I have heard so much about. I have also spent time researching into the various wars and large battles that have taken place on EVE, and the entire political scenario that exists on EVE just interests me. I am looking for a corporation that is new-player friendly, but also willing to throw me right into the mix of things.

Also just a little fun fact about me; I spend a decent amount of my time studying world news, global affairs, and international relations. I am also enlisted in the United States Air Force with an intelligence job and will be shipped off to basic training in the fall

hey mate,
we wouldnt mind picking you up, and wouldnt mind helping you on your path to enjoying the game Cyntech Inc might be a good option. We do PVP/Indy/Mining usually.

The PVP aspect is usually small gamgs when the corp does it, but we also run with our alliance for fleets (Drone Walkers/Legacy).

Indy/Mining? well we have 4 moons that we own and 1 that we rent in our system. We live down in nullsec in the Impass region.

If you are interested, feel free to get in touch. We have discord and TS that we use to communicate and a few guys from the eastern, western, and I think even a UK guy too.

Till next time, fly safe,

PS, will follow up with in game

@Elijah_Scarn Welcome to eve :D, Iv let one of our recruiters know about you they will get in contact when they are available, a little hit if you want to see how successful your recruiters are you can use programs such as will show how active they are in general.

Will be cool flying with you o7 fly well.

We specialise in training inexperienced pilots, & having a laugh at the same time. Give us a shout!

Hey, check out our thread

Darklore United is now recruiting
We are a null sec corp in The Bastion which is a member of The Imperium. Darklore United is the place where you can pursue your ratting and mining dreams. We are a small growing corp where real life comes first.
If you want to be part of something big it doesn’t get bigger than The Imperium.
What we can offer you:
Excellent ratting and mining opportunities. Including moon mining
Industry production.
Capital fleet to protect your mining and ratting ships
Regular pvp fleets, big fleets
Mature and relaxed enviroment
What we are looking for:
Min 10mill SP
Mature and self-sufficient, but we will ofc help you out if needed
Someone who likes to do fleets. (Fleets are fun and it is expected that you do your part)
Easy going members that don’t cause drama. Nobody likes drama.
What we expect from you.
Willingness to train doctrine ships
Teamspeak, mumble and jabber
Be on said TS, mumble and jabber
FULL API check
Do 4 fleets in a month
join darklore recruitment in game

come get some

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