New player looking for a corp

Hi y’all,

I started playing EVE Online as an alpha about a week ago, completed the career agent missions an did some high-sec mining, but now I’m considering joining a corp as it seems this will allow me to enjoy the game more and keep me coming back to it.

As I said, at the moment I’m doing some mining but I’m also interested in trying my hand on exploration and maybe some ratting. PvP is generally not my strong suit (in any game), but I wouldn’t mind participating as long as my potential incompetence doesn’t matter too much… :slight_smile:

I don’t yet have any low/null-sec experience either. I’ve been considering going into low/null-sec but have been hesitant to take this step as I’m not confident in my ability to stay out of trouble.

Also, I like to play games to relax and not to have to be at max concentration the entire time (which seems like what is needed in null-sec), so I’d prefer a more casual corp.

Congrats to anyone who made it this far in my way too long post and thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I sent you an ingame mail

I would not rule out nullsec. If you can find either a portion of space that is well defended by a group, or one that’s remote and quiet, nullsec can be be very relaxing and slow. Good enough for ratting and mining and the occasional blobby fleet where you get so lost in the havoc that your mistakes aren’t really noticed.

If you want to learn pvp, on the other hand, I offer mentorship and train faction warfare pilots in the Gallente militia and many of them have been alphas. If you’re interested in something like that and facing your fears, come look us up. If you learn it will be a nice breakthrough. If not, it’s not a big deal, but I haven’t met a pilot I wasn’t able to improve yet.
My recruitment add is below.

Just some more info for everyone.
I’m from Belgium, so time zones might be an issue if you are a US based corp…
Also, currently I’m alpha but I’m considering going omega if I enjoy the game enough :slight_smile:

For now I’d prefer a more industrial focused corp, but I’ll keep the PvP corp offers in the back of my mind as well, in case I change my mind.

Hi Eva,

Have a look at my corp, yes we are in null but with the right training null can be fun.

Any questions please just ask.


Hey Eva, I think Last Rites would be an excellent fit for you! We are dedicated to helping newbros and PvP. We’re a casual corp that is part of a causal alliance.

We are in faction warfare, so we do tons of lowsec PvP, but we also hold sov in nullsec right next door so you will also have opportunities to learn some nullsec PvP as well as trying nullsec ratting/exploration/mining if you so choose.

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