New player looking for a pvp / faction pvp corp

Hello folks. I still consider myself a new player when it comes to eve. I have tried to give eve a shot in the past and never stuck with it. I always played solo and I think that is what’s stalling me out. I love the game and want to get in a group and meet some new folks as well as learn more about PVP. I follow eve news a little and man the PVP battles look so sweet. I’m super interested in faction warfare. I had someone in-game tell me to drop a post here and see if anyone is looking for new players. I might also consider a non-faction PVP corp as well if it sounds like the right place for me. I’m 33 and work full-time wife with kids. You know all that fun stuff but I do jump online just about every day. Mic or Voip requirements are fine with me.

Yo m8, what about becoming an office rof the Law? we are soon joining aswell FW but never the less, planty of PVP with free ships, the best trainings so u leran the top pro pvp secrets all at your own pace, all mature players and of NO OBLIGATIONS ;o) Have a look… hope to ttys m8 ;o)

Hey, Labadina thanks for the reply. I will for sure check you guys out when I get off work.

hey mate, we only recruit those who we think are a good fit. for what we stand for see here - Kabul Airport Extraction Team is giving you 7 days to join before we bug out - #25 by Clara_Precesdei

For our recruitment pages see here - start [WR0NG Alliance Wiki]

come say here and happy to have a discord chat with you, we have brought on board around 40 vets this months alone

Thanks, Clara I will for sure look into it.

If you still haven’t decided on a Corp Totally Not Pirates Co would love if you’d look our way.

Hey, Graycen I have not. I’m just trying to look and see what’s out there and go from there. What are you guys all about?

We do a little bit of everything currently we are focused on mining and industry to fund our new players ships, I am the ceo but I dabble in everything, I love PVE abyss and security missions. We are still smaller and you will always be free to move about the group in whatever we do, I am attempting to recruit more PVP players and teach players about the PVP mechanics. We have a trainer who has been around since the old days. Currently since we are based in high sec you can run defense for our mining fleets or run defense for our freighters. We are very flexible and will eventually carve out a little section in Nullsec and low sec, PvP will be a large part of our future growth and the taxes you help generate for us will go to subsidizing you and your possible fleet mates. The industrial and mining arm of our fleet is so that we as a corporation can pay for our exorbitant future fleets. If we make enough income I plan to revenue share and help each and every member play the game for free and lose ships with no stress. Currently we subsidize frigates for PvP. Let me know if you have any questions going forward and we hope to see you soon in the fleet.

he man ure more then welcome

Thanks for all the replies folks. I really appreciate it.

I’m recruiting for Strategically Bad a bill sec pvp Corp. We are active mostly in the USTZ running fleet or various sizes. We have a laid back adult atmosphere and are happy to help newer players learn. Our discord is below if you want to introduce yourself.

Hi :blush: If you are still trying to figure out your new home in Eve, I will give you one more option. We try to build a community both in corp and alliance, so a teamplayer is what we look for. As we will be joining Faction Warfare very shortly and having access to nullsec, we cover the best of both worlds :blush:

Have a look here: [EUTZ] EndlessRain - friendly industrial corp for new and veterans alike in null and Caldari FW

Would be awesome to see you in corp chat and wherever you end up, I wish you good luck :blush:

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