New player, looking for an industrious corp!

Hello. The last few years I’ve been playing EvE on and off, however being in a corp I didn’t enjoy that much made the game a bit stale for me. Now I’ve given it another shot and I’m looking for a friendly corp, size doesn’t really matter that much to me but comradery and fun does.

However Faction Warfare and PvP sounds like a blast to get into, I’m actually looking for a corporation that takes on another aspect of EvE. Industry. Things such as logistics, trade, crafting, PI. (Although a bit of PvP on the side doesn’t sound bad either.) You’ll gain an enthusiastic member in the EU timezone, who can be active a lot. A bit of guidance would be great.

Let me know! Kind regards.

You might be interested in joining Bootstrap…

We are Real Life friendly and live in NPC null. We have PVP and PVE / Industrial opportunities. We are highly active in all timezones and have dedicated support for new pilots including skill plans, new pilot help channel, and just a generally supportive environment

If you’re interested, there’s more information here:

Hey Deji,

Here at Brittas Empire, we focus on teamwork and socialisation. We dabble in everything from industry to exploration to PvP. We are a great group, mainly UK tz. Pop into our discord for a chat if you’re interested. I look forward to hearing from you.

Shimrock o7

IN game Mail sent

You have ingame mail :slight_smile:


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