New player looking for friendly corporation

New player here looking for friendly coporation to join.

self employed guy in my mid 30s with plenty of time to play!

We’re looking for more ppl to enjoy the space we got

We are a mining and indy Corp with access to highsec, lowsec and nullsec. We got tons of area to play in now we just need more members to enjoy it. We also enjoy missions, pvp, abyssals and more.

We live in a pocket close to markets and ice belts. We have orca pilots who can boost but always welcome more. We have Engineering structures up for members to use and are beginning producing ships and mods to sell to our players and local markets. Our goal is to have a good market presence and an active mining force.

Hope you like moon mining cuz we have a ■■■■ ton of it. We have access to blue r64 and r32 moons with some very lucrative mining opportunities. We are blue with the locals and have full access to run sites, mine and pvp in the area. If you like lowsec we got action for you.

We rent our own system which means no major alliance obligations or rules to follow. Our rules are to keep our members safe but we won’t tell you how to play or make you buy doctrine ships or attend endless CTA’s. We got lots of pvp opportunities and that good nullsec ratting and mining (anoms and moon). We’re growing our indy to become a major player in local markets and always welcome more ppl who will help us get there. Plenty of pvp defense fleets to catch neuts as well as gate camp and structure bash opportunities with the landlords.

We are content and community driven. We want cool relaxed ppl who will willingly join coms and fleets and be part of our growing family. If you wanna do your own thing and don’t wanna participate in coms or fleets we’re probably not the Corp for you. We want to make friends and have fun, not let eve become work 2.0.

Corp goals:
Have fun,
Increase indy production,
Gain market presence,
Increase our influence in all three sectors,
Increase our pvp capabilities,
Mine the ■■■■ outta everything,
Cap production

We are returning and newbro friendly and have lots of knowledgeable vets to help. Come help us expand our influence, reach, indy and most of all… our fun.

If you’re looking for a fun relaxed Corp where you can play how you want and not how you’re told come see us.

Are you part of a Corp that died out or a ceo who’s finding it hard to get your Corp off the ground? Message us and we can see about you merging with us. We have the space just need more ppl. Together we can make this Corp a major player in the space we live in.

Discord: The Order of Omerta
In game chat: The Order Recruitment

We are a group of experienced players but we took a 5 year break so there is plenty to learn again, check us out Startup wormhole corp looking for new players

Join SONY M.I.T.

Come chat with us bro - if you don’t meet the requirements to join our main corp we also have a new bro training corp with like 400 members and they learn so much before joining the main corp

Come talk to us

SONY M.I.T. - Mining. Industry. Trade.

All time zones welcome.
New, old or returning all welcome.

We are industry corporation that mines ore, ice and moons, builds capital ships and sell to the market.
We do operate in Hi-sec ATM
We do enjoy all the aspects of EVE.
We are anti - piracy corporation and not tolerating any kind of griefing.
We all know, that real life comes first.
We are friendly corporation that works hard to have the best outcome.
We will take rookie’s in, if you show your interest and patience.

Pleas join SMIT channel

Free access to T1 BPC
+Capital Ships

C.E.O. David Sony

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David Sony



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What about somthing with a nouble purpose?

The Police Force…
:sunglasses: :policeman:

Have a look…

We don’t mind teaching. Chat us up if you like.

Social infrastructure would love to have you if haven’t all ready found a corp. We are based in low sec, we like to pvp, and some pve. The have a great Mature community. Our discord Stay Feral

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