New Player looking for Industry

Hey guys! I’m a new player looking to join a Corp that can help teach someone like the basics of Industry! I’d prefer high-sec based, but am willing to move to null-sec for the sake of learning and comradely.

hmu in game if you like what you see here

we do industry in our WH and we will teach you what you need to know.
we also do mining PI PVE and PVP

we fly with the aim of having fun together. and we are all good friends (even if we dont agree on everything :wink: ) the leadership team has played together for years and are a stable group.

we live in a C2 WH with HS static so you get the best of both null sec (without the cta´s bobs and constants moves to new regions) and HS with eace of acess to random mining belts.

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