(WH) Rogue Meddlers are recruiting!

Rogue Meddlers is a jack of all trades wormhole corporation that is currently looking to increase in size.

Rogue Meddlers live in a wormhole we call Meddle our goal is to develope meddle to an even more prosperous and comfortable place to live. we will gladly help in the individual growth of our members, directly and indirectly by helping pilots obtain and use ships and skills of their desires. This includes support via industrial and PvE programs. With an overall goal to use these ships, skills and player talents in a WH setting for the growth and strength of our Corporation.

We Have:

  • A C2 with C3 and HS statics.
  • Planets that allow us to build any P4 we might want to and experienced players that will help you set up your PI. we also have plenty of buy orders for p1 comods that will get your PI isk flowing as fast as you can pull up and export commodities from the planets.
  • Experienced leadership!
  • Opportunities to Partake in Most of what Eve has to offer from mining to PvP!
  • Full industrial capability!
  • a corporate Buyback program
  • A sense of humor!
  • Fun!
  • Consitant C3 PvE OPS
  • Discord

You Should:

  • Discord (mic mandatory)
  • Have a sense of humor and a slice of maturity!
  • Enjoy teamwork as well as independence
  • Want to Live in WH and Partake in everything WH has to offer with like minded people
  • Full API needed!

ingame recruitment channel : Which one is Pink?
Alphas Welcome!


if you haven’t already i’d recommend basing yourself in a wh :slight_smile:
and might be in your best interest , to specialize in one area of the game.usually corps that do everything might find it hard to get everything done since the usual case:- lack of funds. or it’s something else.

however , this is not always the case.

so i wish you good fortune.

Wh do give one the ability to do most of everything in eve exept for sov grinding ofc :slight_smile: but yea i shuld clarify that we live in a C2 with C3 and Hs statics :slight_smile:
thank you

Daily notification that we are still here looking for Old and new players alike!

still here recruitin and running ops in systems close to our Home every day! come join us!

still here still recruiting. we got a question today if it was ok to just join and farm PI. sorry no we need main. bring your main and we will take any number of PI alts :slight_smile:

WH the way ppl think nullsec is untill the harsh reality of big block politics hits them in the face like a gal on a wrecking ball … save yourself some pain and join Rogue meddlers today, WH is the true Null after all. NO overlords NO renters NO CTA to defend some unknown system belonging to some blue you never heard of. just you, us and our home Meddle where we do what ever we wish to do for no better reason then that we can.

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still here still recruiting. :slight_smile:

did you know that stealth hit and run tactics can be very fun when you are the instigator? join us and we will show you why D-scan is your friend!

things will be a bit slow over x-mas but we are still here and reacruiting

Whats the point of full api’s now with the changes POS’s and the advent of Citadels?

WH corps (atleast our) still roll with a open tab for corp members. however the bigger issue is how do one screen for awoxers and corp theifs once the old style API goes away alltogether in may… glad you asked tho.

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still here still recruiting.

Still here Still open!

still here looking for more pilots looking to make a home in WH

Came here some 35 days ago from a 0.0 Corp. Insanely cool people, dank ways to make isk both solo and in fleets and no worries about SOV any longer!

Best corp I’ve met since 2015!

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<3 thank you myxan! warm my heart! join us we are still here and still recruiting

WH’s just kill them as we see them evolve. :fire:

Hello Meddlers,

I love and respect what you are doing inside WH Space, fellow WH’ers. If you ever want to expand or be a part of something with more support to the individual growing Corps? Please give us a call?

We are a ‘Jack of all trades’ WH Alliance! But take a look when you can…

Hope to see you in space,


WHSOC -Jump to be Known

A couple of months now in the Corp. Enjoying flying with the people here every day. Cool Gang slowly growing into a force to reckon with.