Null Sec Indy Corp Looking For New Recruits

Broken Echo
Are you sick of being just another player in a huge corp? Do you want to really help build something great? Are you the type of person that has grand ideas and starts trying to make them a reality that night? If you answered yes to these questions then we have an opportunity for you.

Broken Echo was started by a few very experienced players(2004). We previously were in MOA together and after watching all the ridiculous things being done. Then seeing the alliance greedily taking from their own members we decided to start a corp of our own and do things the right way. We have a long term plan but right now we are looking for a few key positions to be filled.

  1. Experienced small gang and capital FC’s
  2. Small and large gang pvpers
  3. Miners Rorq prefered but not required.
  4. Director of Industry
  5. Director of PVP
  6. Personnel and recruitment Director.

We offer great compensation through corp for each of the positions listed above

Capital Production is the game here Rorq pilots make it easier but doesn’t mean we can use you if you cant fly one yet.

We are currently in the process of looking for Barge and Exhumer Pilots who can follow a mining foreman instructions in Null space to do mass group mining under boosts and protection. If you can fly a barge or an exhumer we can use you as well.

If you have no PvP experience thats okay we have a few pilots willing to work with you on that as well.

Minimum 10 Mil Skill Points and omega status as you cant fly a barge without it.
Full API is required no acceptance without it.

Can Join “Broken Echo” channel in game or message Orianna Raziel direct.

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