New Player Looking for Mentors

After trying to get into Eve a few times, I’ve finally managed to commit to a proper account. Having played nearly every day for the last few weeks as an Alpha, I want to fully commit, go Omega, and find a Corp. I’m still very low in terms of SP and general experience, so I’m looking for a corp that is willing to help me train and learn the game.

Important Stuff:
SP: 777,8777
Primary Skills Trained:
Mining Frigate, Industry, Drones, Light Drone Operation, Mining, Mining Upgrades, Salvaging, Trade.
Venture, Ibis, Badger

About Me: As I’ve been playing solo for the last few weeks I have mainly stuck to high-sec mining and manufacturing. After about a week I trained up some drone skills, fitted my venture with warrior Is and an ECM and started making journeys to 0.4 sec spaces to mine uncommon ores. I’ve primarily made my money by selling Inferno Missiles and Noxcium, as well as the occasional Serpentis and Guristas bounty.

I am willing to try pretty much anything within the game, in high, low or null-sec. I’m happy enough to continue building on my mining skills, but I would also be willing to try combat and exploration roles. As my mining is mostly informed by what I’ve read online I would be thankful for any advice on how to correct any bad practices I may have. For anything else I would need a great deal of tutoring, as my combat experience is pretty much “Use ECM and let drones do the work while I keep mining”. I am usually able to research any problems I may have, but would benefit from more structures growth.

I am in the UK timezone and can usually play every night, though I will have a few busy periods in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your interest!

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Judging from your mentioning the mining and industry side of things quite a bit, this may not be what you’re looking for, but I’m a sucker for a well written post so I thought I’d drop you a quick reply if ever you fancied trying some PVP (if not, it’s a free bump!):

We don’t really do any mining or industry as a corporation, and do expect our pilots to be PVP focused and train into PVP skills. But with that said, our Alliance does do some mining and industry work and it may be you could get involved in this alongside PVP further down the line.

Hit me up if you’re interested.

Come join “Sith Navy” we are a nullsec corp and our alliance owns our own sovereign space. We love helping new pilots and have several benefits that you will enjoy.
We have a great group of miners that can help you understand not only the mechanics of mining but help point you in the right direction for production.
We will purchase all your minerals or provide you access to jump freighters to sell it yourself.
We provide ships in all our pvp ops so you don’t have to worry about losing your ships or the logistics of finding new ships.
Join Sith Navy, let us worry about the small stuff and you can focus on playing.

That sounds interesting to me! Honestly pvp was what i wanted to end up doing, but as a solo player Mining was the best way for me to be safe. Do you have a recruitment channel in game where I can find out more? Or i’ll be on later today if you’d prefer i message you?

Do you have a recruitment channel that i can use to talk to you guys a bit? Just so i have an idea of what the joining proccess would entail

We do have an ingame channel, Alwarcom, but you have a better chance of catching me on Discord. If you don’t already have Discord, wherever you go is probably going to ask you to use it for one reason or another, so it’s worth getting either way! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have discord yes, what’s your ID? I can pop you a message in about an hour :blush:

Hop on FEDUP Discord here (sometimes the second one doesn’t work, so try either link) and hit up [ALWAR] Saucy Swag. :slight_smile:

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I will shoot you an in game message

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I offer training and guidance in my faction warfare corp. I don’t just throw you a recruitment add and we’re not a sink-or-swim team. Each pilot gets a hands on approach to work on and identify your weak points. Consider us. We can develop you faster in a shorter time than most. I am CEO and not just a recruiter. Let us know.

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