New Player Looking To Join a Corp

Hi i'm Donovan and I am a new player to Eve online. 

I love MMOs and always loved the concept of this game but found it very complex. I want to join a corp so that more experienced players in the game can point me in the right direction. Currently I am interested in doing industry and business but would also love to learn about pvp in this game too! I know I don’t have much to offer but if any Corporations would like to have me please let me know!

Also forgot to say that my time zone is US east and
I spend the majority of my day playing video games so time is not an issue for me.

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Please join Den of Bad Company’s Discord and we will have a chat! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hey Donovan!

We had a member join just last week who is in the same boat as you! We love teaching new players and helping them find their place in this sometimes hectic game.

I represent Critical Mass Incorporated, a wormhole based Corp that also has presence in Hi-Sec. We have a heavy focus towards mining/industry but do PvE sites and PvP. We have people from different time zones across the US and UK.

Contact us through discord if you’re interested or have any other questions!



Hey there, Donovan.

First of all, I would like to welcome you to Eve Online. I believe this MMO is absolutely fantastic in many ways and can be very helpful for real-life.

Seeing as you are interested in industry and business, I would like to invite you to check out the Cerberus Assembly. We are a high-sec mining and industry corporation with players actively in the fields of exploration, mission running, and commerce.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself. Otherwise, I wish you the best in this new universe.

Fly safe!

James Vincenta
Director of Human Resources, Marketing, and Commerce
Cerberus Assembly.

you might consider us.
we run a industrial alliance and a new pvp wing which is in development.


Hey man my name is Donavon too…tho slightly spelled different. I think we are up your ally, bunch of old vets and if you want to jump in the fire we are a pefect fit.

Welcome to EVE

Hey Donovan,

I’ll be honest, we usually have a bit of a higher bar for skillpoint requirements than you’d meet, but you said you have a lot of time and I’m a firm believer that people who can be around a lot are likely to pick the game up fast and do well.

We’re a pure PvP corp, with a mix of ability levels from ex-elite PvP corps to people who have just taken the step into nullsec with us. We don’t get involved in the boring aspects of PvP: sov grinding, setting half of the game blue, endless structure bashes, etc.

If you think that might be the direction you want to go in, and you’d be willing to dedicate a little bit of your training queue to flying Interceptors (our one golden requirement because of how much we travel), check us out.

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