New Player Recruitment and Retention

You mean like the new player corps THEY ALREADY ARE IN!
Like, seriously, they already get grouped with other players who are new.

What they don’t get grouped with is Corp Leaders who can take advantage of them, who we have a multitude of very clear examples that prove this already happens and a mechanical way of forcing them into these peoples corps would be terrible.

Stop trying to push a bad idea, yes CCP are signing onto a bad idea also, they’ve forgotten all the lessons they learned from T20 & Aurora and look like they are about to repeat that stuff again now.

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Very few people use starter corps to meet people. 99% of the time the chat is idle unless a vet on an alt is talking about something.

The method I’ve suggested is VOLUNTARY really how hard is this to understand.

Cry moar about CCP please as it seems to be what you are good at.

We already have voluntary joining of player corps. There is no point implementing something that just replicates am existing feature.
We already group new players together.
You are literally running in wild circles.

After having thought about it for a bit, there were ideas about having player corp sponsored events show up in the agency window. I don’t know if this idea has already been put forth, but I think a better solution, rather than dropping rookies in random player corps, would be if player corps could also have scheduled chats show up in the agency window.

Basically a chat channel event scheduled at the player corp’s convenience showing player corp info, chat duration, and chat topic.

Such functionality would serve many purposes.

  • It’s completely voluntary for rookies.
  • No requirement to join a corp.
  • Free tutorials for rookies, whether calling for PvP fleets, or giving lessons on industry, etc…
  • Great PR for the player corp sponsoring, and gives a platform for player corps to have a voice in the NPE, and incentivizes corps to compete for rookie attention.
  • Costs CCP very little, probably just a little coding, and it’s an NPE that cost nothing to maintain. It’s win-win.
  • Perhaps other benefits that I can’t think of atm.
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See now this is would be a great idea as well. None of that other guys cry baby nonsense about how people will be mean and we need to protect the babbies.

The primary goal of the NPE should be to get new players interacting with people who are willing to help them as soon as possible with them electing to join in. It should be obvious and part of the tutorial at the beginning on how to either join a corp or a channel where people are actively helping like the suggestion above.

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