Corp Projects Needs Moar Recruitment

I’ve founded at least a dozen or more corps over the years aimed at helping new players get a foot hold in the game and one of the most consistent things that was always difficult to do was recruitment. EVE needs better recruitment mechanics for CEO’s to use to find new players in particular vs vets.

Part of the new player experience should conclude with the option to find employment in a capsuleer corp immediately following the intro to the game. Players should be able to check a box on what their interested in and be dropped into the pub channels for at least 3-5 player corps who have checked a box stating their willing to take on new players.

Mechanics like assigning them to the channels based on the channel’s player count and response time / activity would get people into groups willing to accept them right away rather than the new players having to “figure it out”. Recruitment is one of the hardest things you can do especially if your trying to convince people to join a new corp with no members.

Having new players as a recruitment option for people wanting to start new corps or corps looking to bolster their ranks would lead to more engagement over all and would motivate leadership involved in recruitment to be even more involved than they already often are as they’d have the option to turn on new player recruitment any time and just wait for them to land in the channel. A similar mechanic could be employed for non new players as well and while yes you have adverts and the recruitment channel it would be much more engaging to have a button to click that adds you to 3-5 channels that have already determined they want to talk to you and are waiting for someone to engage with.

Mobile games use a basic version of something like this to group players but EVE could integrate something much better and more refined that could tie into the new player experience at the beginning. It would go a long way to creating new communities and therefore more content.

I would be more than happy to provide CCP with feed back based on my experience trying to form different corps over the years and how they might be better able to enable the player base to create communities.

Nice idea, but a new player might now know what they are interested in immediately, I have been playing for close to 2 years on and off(on different accounts) and I’m still figuring out what I want to do during the majority of my time playing, and some things I had no idea existed until not too long ago, like incursions, and I didn’t know that null was a thing until about a year ago, before that, I thought there was only hisec, lowsec, and wh space

I think that they should get a check box after maybe a week, so they have time to try a little bit of everything(ish) so they aren’t gently forced to choose what kind of group they want to be in before they know what types of gameplay there are to choose from

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