👀 New Player Seeks Nullsec / WH Corp


I started playing Eve about a year ago and have been living in highsec. That character is used now only for highsec incursions.

I started this character about 2 weeks ago to learn more about Eve and am quite interested in moving to a Nullsec / WH corp. I don`t have any WH nor PVP experience but I have to start learning somewhere…

If your corp is open to teaching and guiding new pvp pilots then please leave your details below or contact me in game.


Rebecca Hallaway

Hi Rebecca

Drop by the in-game channel “The EDF bar”. We can chat there, or over email, or Discord. https://discord.gg/B7SpHY

We can offer help and advice on null/pvp.

Depending on how the chat goes, we may be able to offer corp membership.
Even if we can’t, we’re always happy to help new players and continue to offer advice. Eve is too good a game to miss out on.

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