🚀 New Recruits Needed! Inquire within! - Null Sec (USTZ)

Looking for chill null sec with lots to do?

We got you fam!

:arrow_right: Cerberus Federation Public :arrow_left:

Had several new recruits join up recently, still seeking more!

Come check us out!

:arrow_right: Cerberus Federation Public :arrow_left:

Do you need a direction? Would you like to make dank isk ticks? How about some delightful PVP??

Come over and have a chat with a recruiter today!

:arrow_right: Cerberus Federation Public :arrow_left:

Hey! I am getting back into EVE after a long hiatus. I got back into it to check out the scary parts of the map and I really like the sound of this Corp. I’m pretty much new but I can fly covops, almost at the Hulk and not far from the Tengu I believe. Have a little pile of iskies as well. I’d like to do some nullsec mining and exploration as well as small gang pvp. Would that for with what ya’ll do out there?

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