New Roughly 1M+ SP Character Looking For low and Nullsec

I haven’t played eve for very long, only about 4 months, but i have finished the SOE Epic Arc and I am very interested in exploration. I’m looking for guidance, because I don’t know much about many more advance aspects of EVE, except for exploration. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on yt and have made 5 successful WH runs so far. A corp with some control of low/null would be great, and if it was a wormhole corp you would have to teach me how things work living in w-space because i don’t know
anything about that.
Thanks for your time.
Edit: I would also be interested in PvP but i have no real experience so I would definitely need help with that.

:wave: Obese Large Citizen.

I hope that you do not find this game to hard to learn and enjoy it.
I am in the game trying to start up a long turm goal of mine that i had since day one in the game ( though the structure of it has allways changed), starting up a roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve online lore player government.

I am currently in the starting face of it all. I don’t know if you would be interested in this kind of thing or not but atleast you could learn alot here. I will provide you with the link to the recruitment post i posted not long ago today. Here it is: Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting!

If you got any questions then be shure to speak up here on the forum or contact me in the game.

Hope you will find this interesting

// Tryme Trymsson

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