New saleable : characters

Allow posting of characters for sale on hypernet/contract auctions.

  1. Posting must be made by a different character on the same account.
  2. Isk will be transferred to the posting character.
  3. Character full skill and standing will be made available (simulate character sub feature?).
  4. Character delivery instantaneous on complete.

Anti scamming

  1. Accounts with password change / email change within 30 days not allowed to post characters for sale.
  2. Character locked from skill changes, extraction, injection. etc.,. during bidding period.

Given that character trade scamming is disallowed, and the hypernet is basically a giant scam, I see zero ways to implement this securely and without opportunity for abuse. This would require a lot of coding to lock down ‘hypernet sale’ characters without providing any real benefits - nobody NEEDS a lottery-style character sale.

Some sort of automation would beat waiting for petitions for CCP to process validation on failed character scams. This would be a step away the current forum medium, which is just another form of bidding anyways.

Maybe the contract/auction system is better?

The forum system provides transparency to everyone and ensures there is a way to actually complete a contract that involved both in-game assets and out-of-game activity (namely, the actual character transfer process that CANNOT be executed from within EVE-O). Without adding special code to somehow lock up a single character within an account into a ‘pending sale’ state and tie delivery of funds to a successfully executed transfer, this isn’t an improvement over the current process in any way.

Yep, some special code is required for smooth operation. Placing player records in a new field with a state flag, or even just a special table to track through every step of this new mechanic in order to support this feature is needed.

That would be a better feature request to create, and note options for utility on a go-forward basis, rather than promoting a single channel of sales. I think if you rework your OP to focus on tools to make character transfer more secure and automated, I (and likely others) would get behind it.

Or you could, you know, use the Character Bazaar as provided by CCP?

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Character transfers between a player’s own accounts are and should continue to be permitted. Character Bazaar exists so that CCP can enforce transactions and make sure no one is scammed. It is basically the one and only time they are involved in tranactions.

In addition to stick to the the obvious existing feature, I could go on to explain to you the infinite ways in which your implementation is horrendously bad, but instead I will say this to the yet-another-Flashrain-idea:

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