New small gang, low sec pvp corp recruiting

Kronan Fleet is the primary pvp corp in a newly formed alliance looking for pvp’ers to take part in something completely different from most corps/alliances.
No ‘blues’. No FW enlistments. No taking deals with other groups. Everything and everyone is content.

Below is a copy of our in game recruitment ad:

Newly formed small gang pvp corp looking for pilots from all time zones, driven by the love of pvp!
Are you interested in building a small gang into something great? Tired of the “blues” and the politics?
Join us and help give rise to a new Empire!
We offer:

  • a relaxed environment with camaraderie, organization and teamwork with no big egos and an intolerance towards toxicity
  • a great place for returning players or players ready for a new beginning, to build something from the ground up
  • high, low and null pvp
  • roams, camps, and bashes
  • wormhole and pochven ops
  • class fleets
  • isk making fleets
  • SRP
  • leadership with over 14 years in the game
  • no blues no FW
  • indy divisions involved in all areas of science, industry and exploration

Interested? Search for the Join Krona public chat channel and start your next chapter in Eve Online!