New Starship Classes & More

Here’s the new plan for the Capitals as of now

T1: Dreadnought
T2: Heavy Assault Dreadnought

T1: Freighter
T2: Jump Freighter
T2: Mega Freighter

T1: Carrier

T1: Supercarrier
T2: Palace

T2: Command Force Auxiliary

T1: Titan
T2: Super-Titan (can fit Siege, like dreadnoughts)

World Ship

More Info to Come

How about this idea?
Why not implement faction-original capitals for the pirate factions. They should have a complete overhaul of them.

They do however, deliver more firepower then their original counterparts.

The pirate faction hulls should have an original design instead of using other hulls from the main empire factions. The Sansha’s Nation capital however, the Revenant, is OK.

For example. this is how it is now:
Sansha’s Nation

  • Revenant (original)

Blood Raiders:

  • Dagon (Apostle)
  • Molok (Avatar)
  • Chemosh (Revelation)

Guristas Pirates

  • Caiman (Phoenix)
  • Loggerhead (Minokawa)
  • Komodo (Leviathan)

Serpentis Corporation

  • Vehement (Moros)
  • Vendetta (Nyx)
  • Vanquisher (Erebus)

Angel Cartel

  • No Capitals Found

New Idea: Tech 2 Avatar
Name: TBD
Ship Type: Assault Titan
This is the first tech 2 capital that I can think of as of now.
In Khanid livery.


  • Sacrilege
  • Vengeance
  • Damnation
  • Malediction

This will have bonuses to XL torpedo and cruise missile damage
Requires Amarr Titan V & Assault Titans I

You know that Amarr Citadel, the station that is shaped like a crescent, I believe it is a good candidate for the Amarr Palace.

Perhaps they should add some new types of npc capitals. There are currently no Force Auxiliary Capital NPCS.
Using the Dagon FAX, they should add a PvE NPC named as Blood/Dark Blood Force Auxiliary, (example)

This is the bounty info so far for all capitals
Dreadnought/Carrier: 60m-120m
Titan/Supercarrier: 240m

So why not make it like this? This is a make-believe idea, may be cancelled shortly.
Dreadnought: 60m-120m
Carrier: 70m-140m
Force Auxiliary: 75m-150m
Supercarrier: 200m
Titan: 240m

New Suggestion for Faction Spawns
When a rare spawn occurs, it shows as Domination, Dark Blood, Dread Guristas, Shadow Serpentis, True Sansha, it shows the same basic ship as it was before but harder to take down. My proposal is to use T2 ships for the faction spawns, except for Sansha and Angel Cartel since they both have their own ships.

For Example, Dark Blood, ship types will depend on the bounty it has.

Such as a Dark Blood Shadow Sage (825k) should use a Sacrilege hull instead of the original Maller hull to show that it is a true commander npc.

Let me know if you have any suggestions

New Tech 2 Capitals

T1: Dreadnought
T2: Assault Dreadnought

T1: Carrier
T2: Command Carrier

T1: Force Auxiliary

T1: Supercarrier

T1: Titan

Another idea: a Battleship class suitable to fit capital class turrets and or missile launchers.

Inspiration: Attack Battlecruiser (only class suitable to fit over-sized turrets)

Perhaps there should be a frigate, destroyer, and or cruiser that can fit oversized turrets. At the moment, attack battlecruisers are the only type of ship that can fit oversized turrets.

Combat Site Idea
Each combat site is at a different level, and I have analyzed the sites and their DED escalation triggers
This was what I found out

1: Hideaway - 3 or 4
2: Burrow - none
3: Refuge - 3 or 4
4: Den - 5
5: Yard - 6
6: Rally Point - 6
7: Port - 7
8: Hub - 8
9: Haven - 10
10: Sanctum - 10